Post Reply [Roleplay] Detention
Posted 9/17/09 , edited 11/27/12
You need a Hall Pass to roleplay

On Duty: No current
In Detention: No current
Randomers: No current

This is Detention

Any talking or whining is not permitted - you will sit in silence for an hour, whilst completing lines. Not finished? Come back tomorrow. (This is obviously a roleplay so do something interesting like talk anyway etc. Bad students may be rewarded^^)

Here's how Detention works: To be sent here you must have been given your line by either a teacher or a member of the Disiplinary Committee. On each post you roleplay here, write your line in a spoiler. You can roleplay nowhere else until you have posted the number of times that you have been allotted by your teacher/disiplinary committee.

MODs: If you are currently roleplaying here, edit your name into either the On Duty or Randomers places.

Other students and teachers may pop in from time to time (you will be able to tell that they're not meant to be in here by the fact that they have no line in a spoiler and they are classed as randomers)
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