Aion Servers are down (after 1 day of NA Retail release!!)
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Posted 9/23/09 , edited 9/23/09
If anyone is wanting to play Aion, they will have to wait awhile.
ALL of the servers are down, and there is no notice of why anywhere in the blank Aion forums!

Anyone else confused? That's OK!, Chrunhyroll is here for you!!

Comments Welcome! ;)

As of this post the EU servers are now up, the NA servers including login server are still down.
The NA "Azphel" server is up, but with the login server down, you still can't play!

Also the current Aion server / game version is
Note that the Steam client installs version

If any one is interested... :)

OK, now almost all servers are good, except for the NA login server!! Come on..... Drooling in purehearted Konata Style! < @[email protected] >
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Posted 9/23/09
Thread lacks discussion + lines of an outdated thread.

Spam deleted + Locked.
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