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Posted 9/24/09 , edited 9/24/09
we are your teachers and we will teach you the different techniqes in fighting and sword play using the element electric.
in the back is my brother Kert Sujiyama, the 2nd from the back to the left is Jace Marala, the 2nd from the front is my best friend Corin Koritan, and the front is me Wolf Sujiyama.

in electric there are 4 different levels of electric they are: Static, electric, Lightning, and Thunder. and we 4 will teach you how to master each of them your teachers for each level are:

Corin: i will teach you the basics which is static that is the basic in learning the element electric, but you have to pass my class before you you move on.

Jace: hey whats up i'm you teacher for electric the next level in learning electric, hence the name, any ways i hope your willing to pass cause this is only the second step... hope you have fun. haha

Kert: i am your teacher in lighting, this is the third step in electric i will teach you how to fight, move, and control lightning in the 3rd step of electric. it will be tougher than learning lightning more than it will be learning static and electric, because it is more dangerous, make the rong mistake it could cause a serious injury... or worse... death! so prepare yourself when you get to this level.

Wolf: as you hear from Kert it will get more dangerous and much tougher as you get at a higher level and thunder is the most dangerous and the toughest of all the levels in electric. the reason i say this is because in lightning there is a 50/50% chance of injury or death... and in thunder there is only a 10% chance of an injury or death... so i suggest if you survive lightning practice as much as you can before comeing to my class otherwise you may come here and never see light again... i'm telling you because it's the truth and if i didn't tell anyone they would never know why the other students have died, but if you survive the class you will learn how to move, fight, control, and summon the mightiest creatures of element electric. so practic as you learn the arts of electric.


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