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Relationship rumours about Joe Chen circulate; Ming Dao: Isn't the male lead Blue Lan?

Source: UDN
Translated by catalie @

Ming Dao has been filming in Mainland China for some time, unaware that good friend Joe Chen had broken up with her foreigner boyfriend. Yesterday he returned to Taiwan to promote his new drama "Happy & Love Forever" 幸福一定強 and when he heard that Joe Chen's new relationship rumours were with Roy Chiu, he had an expression of shock, "Isn't she filming with Blue Lan though? This change is too fast!"

Ming Dao has achieved a lot in China; his earnings have already risen to $90,000 RMB per episode (almost $40,000 TWD). Although he earns the most among the cast members, he has been paired with newcomers in his several dramas and almost every scene relies on his "teaching". When he was filming "Happy & Love Forever", it was previously reported that he claimed teaching newcomers was very tiring, asking producer Luo Fa Ping, "Next drama, look for a #1 (experienced) girl and I'll be willing to act for a lower price."

He is most satisfied with his collaboration with Joe Chen but having not returned to Taiwan for a long time, he wasn't even aware that Joe Chen had broken up with her boyfriend. Yesterday as soon as he heard about the recent situation of the relationship, he looked very surprised, "No way! They were together for so long!" He expressed that travelling all around China, he just didn't have the time to contact his good friend. Then hearing about Joe Chen and Roy Chiu being ambiguous towards each other, he almost didn't drop his jaw, "Isn't the drama's male lead Blue Lan?"

Currently Ming Dao is everywhere in China, as long as his name is on it, even before the drama starts filming, its copyright can be sold. Like "Happy & Love Forever" had a broadcasting channel before a production crew was found and filming could begin, working backwards. Yesterday Ming Dao revealed that it is scheduled to broadcast in April next year. The drama's spokesperson Chen Yan Ping revealed that originally when Ming Dao was cast for "Happy & Love Forever", there were concerns of people's popularity, that relationship rumours would circulate but in the end, no such thing happened. Ming Dao is never late and never leaves early, he's even willing to teach the newcomers how to act.

Ming Dao also said, "Who said I would try to pick up the female lead in every drama, the rumours aren't true, I haven't done that to Annie Chen!" This made Director Yang Guan Yu argue back, "That's because Annie is too young so you can't." The director praised Ming Dao's acting, "Previously I always thought he couldn't act. I apologise to him for them, his acting really surprised me."
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