What's the funniest thing happened in your life?
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Posted 9/24/09
Well mine was when I was on msn talking to my best friend and out of no were she said ''I touched my ass'' I flipped from the chair and I died xD!! I couldnt stop laughing for the last 3 hours lool .. but she wrote it accedently rofl ! xD

Share yours please ^-^
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Posted 9/24/09
Ah well,
There was this snob...I just looked at her while she was passing by and she gave me this bitchy look...(seriously, she looked funny when she looked that way) after a few steps, she tripped over..I couldn't stop loling.
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Posted 9/24/09 , edited 9/24/09
Duplicate. Please use the thread below:

funniest moment in your life so far


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