Kiddy Grade & Kiddy Grade-and
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Posted 9/24/09
SHINJI!!!! I have an AWESOME suggestion for a new anime to premier on crunchyroll! it's called Kiddy Grade. I saw it and it's AWESOME. I think others would enjoy it as well. There's also a sequel coming out called Kiddy Grade-and. I looked on the web and it looks like it's coming out October 15, 2009. If you've already got this in the future lineup just disregard this message. But if not, then here's a link for where I found my information on.

I'm also starting a petition to get these animes on crunchyroll. Please sign below thanks! :)

Kiki's Customer Support Service
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Posted 9/24/09
You can't suggest anything since it doesn't work that way. You have to wait for official announcements. I've been bugging BK about getting some stuff and this was his reply:

From: BasouKazuma Image To: Kippu
Regarding people who ask if such and such anime is going to be added, they have to wait for official announcements. So even if I knew (which I don't) I wouldn't be able to tell people. They also can't suggest an anime that should be added because it just doesn't work that way

Just keep your fingers crossed.

So overall, this thread is pointless.
Anyway, please use the threads below if you would like to discuss the anime:

kiddy grade
kiddy grade 2

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