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Mafia Boss
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24 / F / the magical Land...
Posted 9/27/09
Who's your favorite character?

either Bel or Hibari, personally xD
Posted 9/27/09
Fran, Yama, Gokudera, Bel, Squalo, Spanner, Ken!
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28 / F / Right before my c...
Posted 10/2/09
I have two
Hibari & Squalo
But I also like Tsuna a specially in the HDW mode. ^^
Posted 10/6/09
mammon, mukuro,Bel,hibari,fran,and Xanxus
Posted 10/10/09
omg i luv hibari, byakuran, and mukuro ^-^
Posted 11/14/09
Ryohei, Yamamoto, Lal Mirch, Colonello and Gokudera
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