||Competition||: Best manga reader
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Best manga reader


1.Manga can't be so popular!
2.Manga has to be Shoujo!
3.Manga can be one-shot or from 2 to 5 volumes long!

Fill this up

Manga name:
Picture(of manga):
Description:(Why do you think this manga is the best)
Why do we have to read it:

---For information---

You can post any manga! Of course it has to be rare manga..well..not popular..and..
You have to MAKE it popular! WHAT TO DO?
1.Choose one of your fav mangas...
2.Fill the form

And then i will choose the best 5 mangas!
The 5 best mangas will get form me a "Shoujo manga list" :3
And then the best 5 mangas will be in voting system!
Everyone will vote..for the best, cutest, funniest...etc. manga!

Competition end at October!


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The first place will be our manga finder
(This day/week best manga)

Maddy // pelite222
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F / σи тнє єαятн ♥
Posted 9/28/09 , edited 9/29/09
Im joining!!!!!!! Now? lol

Username: sasukeluverforeva15
Name: Kyo
Age: Blank
Manga name: Dear

Description: Dear is a manga about a girl named Chiruha who lives alone in her house away in the deep forest of the mountains, after years of being alone she decides its time to leave and go to the outside world.... But she has a secret. Kisara is a boy who has a grudge against someone for something that happened when he was a kid.
Why do we have to read it: Dear is somewhat sad but cheerful at times and it shows how Chiruha and Kisara's friendship grows, a cute and funny manga that will make u laugh (i did XD) its an awesome manga that just make me see that people are lonely even though they are smiling! This is an amazing manga by coco fujiwara that is the sequel to Watashi Ookami-sama (i didnt read that one) which u HAVE, and i mean HAVE TO READ!

Note: Dear is still ongoing and has 22 chapters so far even though it was made in 2002 D;
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22 / F / Somewhere.
Posted 10/7/09
Doing this for fun. :P

Username: hammiez
Name: Hamu
Age: 14
Manga name: YOTSUBA&!
Picture(of manga):

Description: It's basically about a little girl who just moved into town from the countryside. She's kinda weird but cute. :3
Why do we have to read it: It made me laugh a lot. The girl is really cute and it's perfect for all ages.
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23 / F / where i want to be
Posted 10/24/09

Username: Knightdemon
Name: Nicole
Age: 15
Manga name: Meru Puri
Picture(of manga):

Description:(Why do you think this manga is the best) It's about Airi a normal high school girl only wanted to live in a cozy home with a loving husband. As a result, she makes it her daily mission to get to school on time because school legend has it that the longer one's non-tardy streak is, the better boyfriend one will find. But just when her daily routine is working like clockwork, an occurrence of fairytale proportions threatens to disrupt her grand plan. A mirror she had received from her grandmother turns to be a portal to a kingdom that uses magic and a prince comes through the mirror. However all is not well for the prince was running for his life.
Why do we have to read it: It is a shojo so yea its romantic but there are some surprises that u just wont see coming. Its so good i got hocked on it till the end.
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22 / F / Mayo Kingdom
Posted 10/26/09

Username: seien-hime
Name: uryllane
Age: 14
Manga name: dengeki daisy
Picture(of manga):

Description:(Why do you think this manga is the best) : this manga's heroine is not your typical ordinary shoujo heroine, she's a strong independent girl who makes herself strong after her brother died.
Why do we have to read it: this manga will surely make you understand that somewhere out there there's someone who is watching over you and protecting you. and even though you think you're all alone.. that person is just near you , protecting you .
Posted 10/26/09 , edited 10/26/09
Age:not telling
Manga name:houkago kiss
Picture(of manga): Sorry the pic not that big

Description:Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo! My favorites.
It's ranked 1072nd in mangafox.
A collection of oneshots:

1. After School Kiss: “The person who does the worst on the next test must accept a dare… He has to go out with Yamashita Fuyu!” This time its Minato Sakurai to do the dare… the infamous ‘Do and Drop King’! Having heard the dare being made Yamashito still eventually goes along with it, can any good possibly come from this?

2. Making an Angel: Sayaka Sunohara is a highschool student ‘and’ a talent scout. She has spotted ‘Arashi’. After cleaning him up he is just perfect for the new ‘Angel’ campaign. But only Syaaka knows (belatedly) that he is also something of a ‘devil in disguise’. Angel or Devil, Sayaka will have her hands full!

3. Lock on to Mr. Prince!! :
Lock on to Mr. Prince is a cute story of a dumb girl and the mean Student Body President that she fell inlove with. Wanting to be close to her prince, she decided to join the student council, ending up being the janitor and was called exhausted by the President himself! find out how Seto Iori managed to "lock on" her prince ^^

Why do we have to read it: I think the drawing is very well done. It has really cute parts like this
. And other stuff that keeps me laughing for a while.
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23 / F / somewhere deep in...
Posted 10/26/09
Username: yuki_no_chou
Name: shichi ^_^
Age: 15
Manga name: Code: Breaker
Picture(of manga):

Description: [genre: action, comedy, martial arts, shounen, supernatural]
Sakurakouji Sakura is a graceful and modest girl. She's always thought of as cute, fragile and helpless girl but in reality, she's actually a martial arts expert and turns down guys who asks her outs because they don't know the real her. One day, while riding a bus, she witness people being burned alive with a blue fire and a boy her age who's unharmed and standing over the people. She comes back the next day and there are no corpses or evidence of any kind of murder, just a small fire. She then goes to class to find a transfers student who look exactly like the boy she saw before wearing a black glove on his left hand. HIs name is Ogami Rei. When she confronted him he denies it and claimed that he was at his part-time job but later that night, Sakura found out about his real identity and what Code:Breakers are. As the story progress, Sakura meets the other code:breakers and their special abilities and her own classifying her as the rare kind.

Why do we have to read it:
This story is exciting for me ^_^ and my sister, Ogami is a bishie like the other code:breakers. There's some secrets that are revealed throughout the story and you'll be wondering who Sakura really is. (well that's what I felt when I'm reading it ^_^)

It's still ongoing though, up to now there are only 62 Chapters. You can find this at onemanga and mangafox -_-

Posted 10/27/09
TOMOROW (28.11.09) this competition will end!
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23 / F / Infront of my lap...
Posted 10/28/09
Username: janethng
Name: Janeth or Haru
Age: 15

Picture(of manga):

Description:(Why do you think this manga is the best)
Nanaka loves to paint. So when she enters high school, she gets excited at the prospect of joining the arts club. However, there's only two members-- the mysterious Chihaya and the energetic Kento. They're both good-looking guys, and Chihaya shares Nanaka's love for painting! Alongside the two gorgeous guys (and Nanaka's best friend)...what will happen?

Why do we have to read it: Because its about ART and LOVE at the SAME time!!!!
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