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The Artifacts are what the Creators of The Battle Ground Tournament created long ago. There are 6 Different Objects of power which give the host unique and unimaginable power. Each Artifact grants the Host an extra class uses. Like if you were in the Samurai Class and you obtain the Oni Mask, You Can NOW use Demon Abilities and use magic. But having an Artifact does not make you all might and powerful. Each Artifact has a Draw Back while using or even having it and Artifact Host are always hunted for their Artifact.

**~**The 6 Artifacts**~**
**The Oni Mask**
Object: A Mask

The Oni was one of the most powerful Demons known to man. He wasnt evil but not good tho he loved to fight and cause mischief. One Day the Oni got sick and learned he was Dieing not to be forgotten his but all his Demonic Aura in a Mask. the Oni Mask if used correctly can be the one of the most powerful Artifacts.
Artifact Sensor
Chest gets Burning feeling when another Artifact is nearby
Extra Class Usage
Demon Class
-Able to use a wide range of Earth Magic
-Healing Factor

Abilities With Mask On
-Enhanced Durability-
-Enhanced Strength-
-Enhanced Speed-
-Instant Regeneration-
-Enhanced Attacks-

-Can wear 3 times a Day with a time limit of 5 mins
-Drains Life Force every time Mask is worn
-Mask can be broken

Current Host: Shin Muramasa(shinsonic23)
Where Fount: With Shin Muramasa
Oni Spirit Form

**The Ryūjin Amulet**
Object: Dragon Shaped Amulet Necklace

The Ryūjin Spirit is one of the most violent of the 6 Artifact spirits. He loves and lives to fight and test himself. He is The Oni's best friend. The Ryūjin is known as Dragon God, because he was the only Sage to control the 5 great dragons and to seal them away in him which were The Dragon Of Flame, The Dragon of the Mist, The Dragon of Lightning, The Dragon of the Earth, and The Dragon of the Air. Which are the 5 elemental natures Fire,Water,Lightning, Earth, and Wind.
Fire,Water,Lightning, Earth, and Wind
Artifact Sensor
Loud Ringing Noise in ears when another Artifact is nearby
Extra Class Usage
Sage Class
-Able to use The 5 Elements
-Able to use Charka
-Can Summon The 5 Great Dragons

-Can only summon One Dragon a Battle
-Can Only wear 3 times a day
-After use ones body is very fatigue

Current Host:
Where Fount:
The Great Desert
Ryūjin Spirit Form

**The Byakko Sign**
Power Object: A Tiger Sign Tattoo

The Byakko is a woman who once watched over the Animal kingdom. She is a playful spirit and is normally floating around in plain sight in a smaller chibi form. She is also known as the rare White Tiger. She only will appear every 500 years.To find a new host and lend them her power. She allows the Host to transform into 5 different humanoid Animals. Each with a different purpose and element.
Depends on the Transformation
Artifact Sensor
Byakko is a conscious spirit that floats around her host, with her cat ears she is able to hear the spirits of other artifacts and informs her host.
Extra Class Usage
Bestial Class
Byakko-The White Tiger
In this form the Host can see in the dark and claws are as strong as any blade. He also shows a prowess in martial arts maximizing his strength and power. His reaction time and agility are also increased.

Element: Earth

Kabuto-The Japanese Rhinocerous Beetle
This form has the greatest defense out of all his forms without sacrificing speed. But other then making him physically stronger slightly, it doesn't increase any other attributes.

Element: Lightning and Thunder

Razor-The Wild Wolf
This is form has greatest speed, reaction time and agility. He fights almost like a berserker ignoring any kind of injury or attack it takes. It has a high Durability but very low defense only fights offensive.
Element: Wind

Ryukira-The Dragon Fighter
This form is the most balanced of all of the 5 forms. It has high speed, defense, and strength. Its tough skin allows it to block and guard against all kind of melee attacks it can even catch a sword bare handed. This form can also shoot fire from its mouth. Its one weakness is Water based attacks.
Element: Fire/Heat

5th transformation is Unknown
-After each transformation, host is greatly fatigue
-Must wait 10mins before transforming again

Current Host:
Where Fount:
It is On Setanta
Byakko Spirit Form

**The Suzaku Coin**
Object: A Coin with a Bird on it

Suzaku is the most dangerous of the Artifact Spirits. he was once a friend of The Oni now his mortal enemy and rival. He is known as the Phoenix. Because he can be reborn every time he dies which makes him unable to die. Suzaku only lets the strongest of warrior use his power. And wishes for them to find and kill the Oni's Host. They also have a crazy healing factor and able to use the Fire Charka and Fire Types of magic. They can even Fly. This Coin is the Rarest of the 4 Artifacts and maybe the most powerful. Some say the spirit of a legendary Phoenix is inside the coin.
Artifact Sensor
The coin its self will turn red and heat up.
Extra Class Usage
-Able to Use All kinds of Fire base Magic and Attacks
-Great Healing Factor

-Suzaku's Coin is Always in uses and constantly feeds off ones Chi, Charka, Ki, ect
-Fire powers are weakened at night since the Sun is not up
-Coin can reject Host
Current Host:
Where Fount:
Inside Cross's Chest
Suzaku Spirit Form

**The Sword of Shizuka**
Object:Masamune(62" Long Sword Katana)

Shizuka the Calm spirit was once the true Love interest of the Oni. She maybe the most deadly of the 6 Artifact spirits. Shizuka was a very skilled swords-women and Had an monstrous Chi level that matched a Demon or Angel energy level. Her powers can stop and cancel other Artifact abilities. Like the Suzaku's Coin Regeneration and Flight or The Oni Mask or Ryūjin Amulet cant be worn or used. She can stop and cancel The Suzaku Abilities, The Oni Abilities, and The Ryūjin Abilities only because their spirits are Male. Her powers only effect the Male spirits. The Byakko Spirit and The Twin Spirits Mei and May are unaffected by her power since they are Female spirits. Shizuka only lets a strong Woman Fighter wield her for she dislikes Men because what the Oni did to her years ago.
Light and Darkness
Artifact Sensor
Sword starts to vibrate and shake when another Artifact is nearby
Extra Class Usage
Samurai Class
-Able to use Chi and has a very high chi level
-Stop and Cancels all the abilities of the Suzaku Coin, Oni Mask and Ryūjin Amulet when sword comes into contact with Host.
-Enhanced Speed and Strength
-Sword can never Break, Rust, or Tear

-Sword can not Cut the human body
-ONLY A FEMALE Can wield it

Current Host:
Gogo Yubari(LamiaZlogonje)
Where Fount:
Gogo Yubari(LamiaZlogonje)
Shizuka Spirit Form

*Coming Soon* The Twin Rings of Mei and May
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