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FANFIC[MC]~~ Truth Behind Lies ~
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 9/28/09 , edited 10/11/11
Title: Truth Behind Lies
Author: deen22
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama,
Disclaimer: I own this story. Anyone can imagine she is the character. This is Fictional so, nothing too serious. ^_^


Illumi Kawashima
Cute, naughty and simple girl who went to Japan after knowing her father’s sickness.
She doesn’t know anything about Japanese show business.
She’s simple-minded and straight forward girl, who tells exactly to anybody what or how she feels towards them or that person.
But sometimes she's hard to pick-up in topics.

Jesse Kawashima
The sister of Illumi who has a very angelic face.
That whoever sees her will mistook her as an Angel.
She doesn't know anything about Japanese artists.
She’s also a Simple-minded girl and Straight forward who tell whatever she feels.
She loves travelling into different country.
Now she is studying at Meiji University.
The first boy she knew was Kei Inoo.
Who thinks that he's cute and nice.

Kawashima Family

Michigo Family

Michi Ueda
a kind but childish girl who wants to keep clinging to Hikaru.
She's the sister of Tatsuya Ueda.
She didnt care about his brother's status. As long as her brother is happy, she's also happy.
She's a friend of Illumi in Philippines before she went to Japan to study.

Characters in Hey! Say! JUMP

Yuto Nakajima
Bright and Cool boy who has a simple personality-when it’s off the camera.
In short, he’s a JPOP idol and a member of Hey! Say! JUMP.
He has a great voice and he also dances great -the reason why he is popular with all the ladies in Japan. He’s very close to all the members of his group and is very naughty when with them.
Deep inside, he wanted someone who can accept him as who he is.
Daiki is his very close friend in all his co-members.

Daiki Arioka
Charming and Adorable boy who’s is very friendly on and off the camera.
He’s very naughty when with his friends and also with other people.
He’s also a member of Hey! Say! JUMP. Charm is his key when on screen.
He looks so adorable on and off the camera. Plus, he sings so well that pleases the audience.

Ryosuke Yamada
Quiet and Handsome boy who does not talk much.
He’s just a less talk even when he is with his friends.
Well that’s because his friends always talk about crushes and cute girls –which he is so not interested about.
He thinks that the only reason why girls are nice towards them, is because of them, being an artist, or simply because they are IDOLS.
Indeed, he’s the most popular member of Hey! Say! JUMP. Kei is most trusted friend and knows each other very well.

Keito Okamoto
Simple yet Charming boy who loves to speak English to tease his friends.
He’s from other country but he’s also Japanese.
He likes being with his co Members -Hey! Say! JUMP- and treats them very well.
He is very close with Yuuri and tends to be his best friend.
He also treats girls as a very precious thing and has a very fragile heart.

Yuuri Chinen
Very cute and very adorable boy who likes cute things.
He’s also a member of Hey! Say! Jump.
He’s the cutest and the shortest member of them all.
He really likes cute and small things.
Just like his best friend Keito, he treats girls as the most important thing in the world.

Inoo Kei
Handsome and charming boy who’s always with Ryosuke
He always tell Ryosuke that,
"A guy who isn't in Love would never understand a guy who is in Love."
and says that it is his motto in his life.
He’s also a member of Hey! Say! Jump but he’s 2 years older than Ryosuke.
He always understands his best friend and believes that the reason why Ryosuke doesn’t like love is that, he doesn’t want to break his heart.

& Other JUMP Members

Other Characters

They say that…
“It's so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you.”
But what if…
“It’s hard to fall in love especially when you don’t know which of them you will fall onto”
Illumi is a Half-Japanese, Half-Filipino who came all the way to Japan to visit her father who is comatose.
She has leave Philippines and study in Japan for her father. But the thing is, she will find love[s].
Illumi liked a guy who also likes her back. But at the same time, that guy’s friends will like her too!
On the other hand, she will accidentally meet a guy who has taken a like to her.
And the thing is, she will like that guy too!
Illumi will be caught into the game of Love… who will she choose?

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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 9/28/09 , edited 10/3/09
Chapter 1

Illumi: so this is.. *looks at the paper* *walks* hmm… *bumps at someone* aaa! Ouch! *fell down*
Keito: ah! Sorry! Sorry! *helps her up and picks up her things* here,
Illumi: thanks! *starts in English conversation*
Keito: oh, speaks English?
Illumi: yes. ^_^
Keito: cool… are you looking for someone? Ah, I saw an address on the paper.
Illumi: yes, but I still don’t know where this is. It’s just my second day here at Japan.
Keito: cool. *end of English conversation*

@ their back

Yuto: *staring at Illumi* wow~
Yuuri: definitely his type~
Daiki: Yup. Not too short and not too long hair, wears glasses, and it’s color suits her [black and pink], wears jeans… definitely Yuto’s girl…
Yuuri: isn’t it your type too Daiki?
Daiki: >_> shut up~ but she doesn’t look like a pure Japanese right?
Yuuri: yah..

Yuto’s POV
*Shhhiiikks! I’m overpowering with excitement!!!
What’s this I’m feeling? And gash! She’s definitely it! The way she talks,
the way she smiles while talking to Keito,
the way her not too long not too short hair flips..*drools* yosh! I’m not gonna let this go anymore!*

Yuto: come on guys let’s go! *went to Keito* sup Keito?
Keito: oh!
Yuto: who’s she? Your friend?
Keito: haha no, I just bumped into her on our way here.
Yuto: oh, Hi!
Illumi: hello!
Yuto: you probably know me right?
Illumi: hmm?
Yuto: y-you don’t know who I am? Or I mean, who we are?
Illumi: uhh.. I don’t think so? We just met right? Or?
Yuto: ah, ahaha~ wow~ I’m Yuto then, Nakajima Yuto. You can just call me Yuto ^^

Illumi’s POV
*he’s soooo cool!!*

Illumi: Nice to meet you Yuto ^^ I’m I—
Umika: ILLUMI!!
Illumi: -_- geez…
Umika: where did you go! You left me again! It’s just your 2nd day here you baka! What if you get lost!?
Illumi: because your too noisy! And, well at least I didn’t get lost! So thank these guys!
Umika: huh? *looks at Ilumi’s back* Ah!! * points at them* you guys!!
Yuto, Keito, Yuuri & Daiki: Kawashima-chan!?
Illumi: you know Yuto?
Umika: of course! Nakajima-kun is my class mate. And also him *points at Yuuri*
Illumi: ohh! That’s cool…
Umika: *Geh!* Don’t you know them?
Illumi: well, just now ^_^
Umika: you don’t know Hey! Say! Jump?!
Illumi: Hey! Say! What?
Umika: Hey! Say! Jump baka! They’re members of it. They are famous J-Pop idol here!
Illumi: really? But they just looked normal.
Keito: anyway, if we still keep on chatting in this street, people will go to us already!
Illumi: heh!? *sees everyone looking at them* eh why?
Umika: come on, let’s go!

@ Restaurant

*Umika and Yuuri Buying Food*

Keito: didn’t you know that Kawashima-chan is also famous here? She’s also a J-Pop idol here.
Illumi: eh!? Really? Haha it didn’t seemed so! Oh yeah, sorry for not introducing myself a while ago. I’m Illumi. Kawashima Illumi. Please just call me Illumi or I-chan or whatever you want hehehe! Umika is my cousin ^_^
Keito: I’m Okamoto Keito. Keito is okay ^^
Daiki: *Looks at Yuto* *smirks* I’m Arioka Daiki *hold Illumi’s hand* Pleased to meet you. *kisses her hand*
Illumi: *blushes a bit* oh, haha Daiki right? You’re such a gentle man ^_^ cool.
Daiki: *smiles sweetly*

Yuto’s POV
*aaarrrg!!! This guy!!! I’m gonna beat him later!!!* *looks evilly at Daiki with burning eyes*

Daiki’s POV
*oopss~ I think I went too far~ ahehehe!*

Illumi’s POV
*these boys are such good guys~ I think I’m gonna like to hang out with them~ ^_^*

Umika: here’s the food!
Illumi: is he your boyfriend?
Umika: *eek!* baka!~ he’s just my classmate >_>
Daiki: *gives an eye to eye signal to Yuuri*
Yuuri: *got Daiki’s signal* I’m Chinen Yuuri~ *kneels down and kisses her hand* nice to meet you~
Illumi: n-nice to meet you! I’m Kawashima Illumi ^_^ Illumi or I-chan is okay~

Yuto’s POV
*aaarrrrggg!! Curse you both!!!* *burning with fire*

Umika: seems like you’re getting along with each other ^_^
Illumi: because they’re very nice guys.
Keito: see? We’re nice guys~
Illumi: why doesn’t Yuto speak much? *=(*
Yuto: eh- ahh…
Daiki: *evil looks* because he’s shy~
Yuto: *daikii!!!* ahh~ hehe no—
Yuuri: yup! He’s very shy because of your beauty I-chan~
Yuto: *I’m dead T^T* that’s no—
Illumi: eh!! Why!?
Daiki & Yuuri: *she didn’t got it T^T* ahehehe it’s nothing!
Yuto: *I was saved!!* ahahaha!
Illumi: *saw the time on her watch* waaaa! I must go now! *drinks* see you guys again! *rushing*
Yuto: wai—
Illumi: bye bye cycle! *waves and rides on the taxi*
All exp. Umika: ehhh!?
Umika: she will still go to the hospital~
Yuto: eeeh!!! Is she sick!?
Umika: and you’re too obvious Nakajima Yuto!
Yuto: then why?!
Umika: her father is comatose.
Yuuri: really? Awww.
Umika: anyway, I gotta go too! I gotta fix her citizenship here. Bye! *left*
Yuuri: bye!
Yuto: *glares at Yuuri and Daiki and Burning* Y-O-U!!!
Yuuri & Daiki: aheheheh!!
Keito: I wonder what country Illumi-chan is from.
Yuto: ah! Yeah… it’s only her 2nd day here right? *sighs*
Daiki: *pats hard* you’ll see each other again!
Yuuri: *Pats harder* yup~!
Yuto: * glares at Yuuri and Daiki and Burning* ….!!!! You’re dead!

@ Hospital

Kallen: geez, where did you went?
Illumi: sorry~ say mama! I met new friends! And they’re so good!
Kallen: glad that you’re happy Illumi.
Illumi: thanks mom!


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Posted 9/28/09 , edited 9/29/09
This is great!!
Chinen's so cute following what Daiki says!! xD
looking forward to reading more!! ^^
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 9/28/09 , edited 9/29/09

hsj9392 wrote:

This is great!!
Chinen's so cute following what Daiki says!! xD
looking forward to reading more!! ^^

gyaaa!!?? really really!??
wii got commented from a great writer!!! @[email protected]
haha arigatouuu~
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Posted 9/28/09 , edited 9/29/09

deen22 wrote:

hsj9392 wrote:

This is great!!
Chinen's so cute following what Daiki says!! xD
looking forward to reading more!! ^^

gyaaa!!?? really really!??
wii got commented from a great writer!!! @[email protected]
haha arigatouuu~

OMGosh.. a great writer??
anyway thanks ^^
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25 / F / zendonesien
Posted 9/29/09 , edited 9/29/09
Your writing style has developed!!
After long time i haven't read your fic, the story became more attractive somehow

Good job deenchan! Can't wait for chapter 2!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 9/29/09 , edited 9/29/09

rurusuza_xoxo wrote:

Your writing style has developed!!
After long time i haven't read your fic, the story became more attractive somehow

Good job deenchan! Can't wait for chapter 2!


really my writing developed? gyaaa!
^_^ hihihihi thanks again!
Fanfic Lover
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23 / F / Bigbang's and Suj...
Posted 9/29/09 , edited 9/30/09
I haven't read this yet...but I promise I'll read it now... :))
I'm actually busy "doing" and downloading stuffs...:))

[btw, anong magandang song ng news??? :))]

So there, I think its interesting...
keep it up!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 9/29/09 , edited 10/3/09
Chapter 2
"Spring blooms"

@ Hey! Say! Jump’s room

*room was very quiet*

Yuto: AAAARGGG! *screams*I can’t take it anymore!
Yuuri: we’ll it’s your fault not asking her number! >.<
Yuto: alright! Alright! I know that already okay!?
Daiki: baka..
Yuto: naniii!!??
Daiki: >.>
Yuto: *grabs Daiki’s Clothes* you!!
Keito: stop it okay?
Yuto: *let goes*
Kei: what does she looks like any way?
Keito: Yuto’s type.
Yuuri: Daiki’s type too.
Hikaru: ehh~ really?
Daiki: Shut up Yuuri! That’s not true =_=
Yuuri: yes it is!
Daiki: no it’s not!
Yuya: stop it okay?
Yabu: wow~ I wanna see her. I wanna see the girl who Daiki and Yuto is obsessed with *evil smile*
Ryosuke: *sighs* fighting over girls~
Daiki: no it’s not!
Ryutaro: aaah~ maybe Keito and Yuuri likes her too~~
Keito & Yuuri: *looks at each other and to Ryutaro* ah!-
Yuto: heh?
Kei: so you guys won’t fight anymore okay?
Daiki: I don’t intend to anyway~
Yuto: great~
Ryosuke: why don’t you just ask Kawashima-chan her number?
Yuto: ah!! Great idea!
Yuuri: but… school starts until next week.
Yuto: eeh! T_T

2 days after

@ Kawashima Residence

Kallen: Illumi, could you please bring these clothes to the hospital?
Illumi: oh, sure mom!
Umika: you want me to go with you? It’s raining hard.
Illumi: no thanks Umika. I can go by myself.
Umika: okay, itterashai~
Illumi: bye~

@ Hospital

Illumi: dad, when will you be able to see us again? Mom and I are here now! *cries* please be alright…

After half an hour,
Outside the hospital *Illumi’s walking home. Which takes at least 3 hours by walking*

Illumi: *hums in the rain* I wonder what kind school Umika enrolled me to…
Holdaper: *give me your bag*
Illumi: *screams* iyaaaaaa!
Holdaper: shut up you-! *grabs her bag and ran away*
Illumi: noo!....

@ park

Illumi: *crying in the bench, soaked in the rain* what am I gonna do now...
Ryosuke: *passing by on the park, saw Illumi* anou… are you alright?
Illumi: ahh… *looks up* I don’t know if I’m still alright…
Ryosuke: *sat beside her and set the umbrella to her* y-your soaking in rain…
Illumi: arigatou…
Ryosuke: d-don’t you know me?
Illumi: h-huh?
Ryosuke: ahh, nothing… I’m R-Ryo.

Ryosuke’s POV
*I think it’s better to hind my true Identity since she doesn’t know me. She may just treat me differently*

Illumi: I’m ill-umi.
Ryosuke: wha-? *shit this rain!* U-Umi?
Illumi: ah... yes.
Ryosuke: Umi, May I know what happened to you?
Illumi: m-my bag was snatched… my cell phone was the most important thing there… *starts to cry* now I don’t know what my mom would say to me after this.
Ryosuke: oh… I’m sorry about that.
Illumi: i-it’s.. ooka-- *fainted*
Ryosuke: u-umi? umi! Sh-she’s burning hot! *carries Illumi and brought her to his place*

@ Ryosuke’s Place

Illumi: *regained consciousness*h-huh?
Ryosuke: Umi, Are you okay?
Illumi: I’m okay now… *looks at her watch* this is bad! My mom would get worried!
Ryosuke: umm, here, *gives the cell phone* call your mom…
Illumi: r-really!?
Ryosuke: of course.
Illumi: thanks! *hugs Ryosuke instantly* … ah… sorry… I didn’t..
Ryosuke: ahaha! It’s okay! ^_^
Illumi: gomen ne, got carried away. Ahehehe! *scratches her head* oh well, better call my mom! *calls her mom*

Ryosuke’s POV
*she’s so simple… she’s very unique among the girls that I’ve met. I feel sorry that I’m lying to her about my real identity… but it’s the best way*

*on the phone*
Kallen: Illumi! Where in the world are you!?
Illumi: sorry mom, I’m at my friends place. My bag… got snatched…
Kallen: are you okay now? Did that snatcher did anything to you?
Illumi: no mom.
Kallen: anyway, it’s raining very hard tonight. It’s better if you’ll stay there.
Illumi: eh! But mom! It’s embarrassing!
Kallen: no buts! Bye. *hangs up*

Illumi: *sighs*
Ryosuke: what happened?
Illumi: anou… my mom said it’s better to stay here because it’s raining hard tonight. Ah! But it’s okay, it’s pretty embarrassing to you, so I’ll just go home.
Ryosuke: eh but-
Illumi: *opens the door* its okay ^_^ *lightning strikes* O.O
Ryosuke: *closes the door* it’s dangerous outside. And didn’t you forget that your bag got snatched? How could I possibly let you go home walking?
Illumi: s-sorry… *looks down*
Ryosuke: *heart beats strong* aa.. i-i-it’s okay! Hahahaha! Anyway, here’s my clothes. You can change into my clothes before you sleep.
Illumi: thank you very much Ryo.
Ryosuke: anyway, you don’t look like pure Japanese. Are you?
Illumi: oh… haha! Yes I’m not ^_^ I’m half Japanese Half Filipino.
Ryosuke: ohh! That’s why you’re not used to add kuns’ or chans’ in the names right?
Illumi: well, I don’t really think I have to right? ^_^
Ryosuke: well, that’s true~ how long have you stayed here?
Illumi: this is my fourth day~
Ryosuke: wow~ ne, anou, I saw in your ID a while ago, your birthday is on Monday? Today is Thursday so. 4 days from now?
Illumi: yep!
Ryosuke: souka…
Illumi: I’m going to have shower now.
Ryosuke: okay then. I’ll prepare the bed.
Illumi: *went to shower*

*15 minutes after shower*

Ryosuke: my clothes are loose on you haha~
Illumi: it’s because your body is loose * =P *
Ryosuke: eeehh!!
Illumi: haha just kidding!

Ryosuke’s POV
*she’s really incredible! She didn’t even hesitate to put a joke on me! She’s just so... very… simple… *blushes* *

Illumi: Ryo?
Ryosuke: oh. Haha sorry~
*Door bell rings*
Ryosuke: *oh no! who n the world--* ah… hai! Coming! *opens the door slowly* *gulps*

Kei: Ryo---
Ryosuke: *covers Kei’s mouth* outside!


Kei: what’s up Ryosuke?
Ryosuke: okay, call me Ryo okay?
Kei: eh why?
Ryosuke: just call me Ryo! I’ll explain to you inside.
Kei: who’s that girl?
Ryosuke: I said I’ll explain inside!


Ryosuke: ahaha sorry Umi-chan!
Illumi: no. it’s okay~
Ryosuke: ah, this is Kei. He’s my friend.
Kei: hi!
Illumi: hello! I’m Umi!

Illumi’s POV
*Ryo knows me as Umi. So I think I’ll just tell him I’m Umi*

Kei: nice to meet you Umi-chan.
Illumi: nice to meet you too Kei-san.
Kei: Kei is okay~
Illumi: okay!
Ryosuke: so what brought you here Kei?
Kei: oh, I was on my way home from grocery. But it was really traffic because of the rain. So I decided to go here since it’s nearer.
Ryosuke: then?
Kei: if I could… *smiles big* sleep here
Ryosuke: YOU!!
Kei: waaa!
Illumi: hahaha! Isn’t it okay? ^_^ *smiles cutely* Kei is nice.
Ryosuke: *looks at Illumi* how’d you know he’s nice!?
Illumi: I don’t know~ haha I just… know?
Kei: wow~
Ryosuke: ahh~ I’m getting bored~
Illumi: eh~ ah, ja let’s play!
Ryosuke: play? Play what?
Illumi: rock paper scissors!
Kei & Ryosuke: =_= lame~
Illumi: eeeh!

*after 30 mins, Illumi was sleeping*

*Ryosuke’s Living room*

Kei: *stares at Ryosuke*
Ryosuke: eek! *feel chills*
Kei: you better explain now.
Ryosuke: ahehehe! I met her a while ago in the park. She was soaking in the rain.
Kei: eh? Why?
Ryosuke: her bag was snatched.
Kei: whew~ so what does it brings her here?
Ryosuke: she fainted and was burning hot.
Kei: whoa… anyway… say Ryo…
Ryosuke: what?
Kei: you like her… don’t you?
Ryosuke: eh! Ah… well I don’t really know… she’s just so… unique.
Kei: heh~~ is that all? =D
Ryosuke: geez Kei! Stop getting me all confused!
Kei: haha sorry~
Ryosuke: anyway, don’t tell this to them okay?
Kei: eh? Why?
Ryosuke: tsk! This is troublesome you know~
Kei: okay okay~

-Next Day-

Ryosuke: *yawns* good morning~ eh? Where’s Umi?
Kei: ah, she left already.
Ryosuke: ehh! Why didn’t you wake me up!?
Kei: well, she told me not to wake you.
Ryosuke: heh?
Kei: she left a letter for you *gives a letter*
Ryosuke: *reads the letter* Ryo, thanks for all those things you’ve done for me ^_^ I’ll pay you back sometime! Anyway, here’s my land line number if you want to call me 456-32-10 [not true >:P] since I don’t have any cell phone anymore~ ja! Let’s meet again sometimes! – Umi ^^
Kei: so what are you planning to do now?
Ryosuke: I don’t know…


Comments are highly appreciated ^_^
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25 / F / zendonesien
Posted 9/29/09 , edited 9/30/09

Wow, she caught 3 of 10 boys! Way to go! XDD
Ne, what'll happen if she gets 10 hearts of hsj?
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 9/29/09 , edited 9/30/09


Wow, she caught 3 of 10 boys! Way to go! XDD
Ne, what'll happen if she gets 10 hearts of hsj?

that's what you have to find out~
hahahaha!! xD
this story is getting interesting to me also XD
Fanfic Lover
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23 / F / over there. XD
Posted 9/30/09 , edited 9/30/09
hahahaha. good onnee!!!!!! xD
ya yayayayay!!

this is izza00t. xD i nuked that accnt. anyways, IM BACK!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 9/30/09 , edited 9/30/09

izzyshii wrote:

hahahaha. good onnee!!!!!! xD
ya yayayayay!!

this is izza00t. xD i nuked that accnt. anyways, IM BACK!

haha yatta!!!
thanks izzzza chan!
and its obvious its you =P
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 9/30/09 , edited 11/2/09
Chapter 3
Crazy in Love

@ Kawashima Residence

Umika: so are you okay now?
Illumi: better than ever~
Umika: geez! Didn’t thought that you would faint -_-
Illumi: >.< hmf!
Umika: so who is that boy?
Illumi: oh, his name is Ryo.
Umika: Ryo? Ryo what?
Illumi: ahehehe I forgot to ask his surname.
Umika: heh~ oh, you forgot your eye glass yesterday.
Illumi: no, I left it.
Umika: eh? But you’re near sighted right?
Illumi: I was wearing contact lens.
Umika: ah~
Illumi: *opens the radio* ah, nice melody, ne what song is this?
Umika: ah! That song? It’s Kiss, Kaeremichi no love song.
Illumi: I love it! *continues to listen to the music*
Umika: they are also J-pop idols like Nakajima-kun.
Illumi: ohh.

@ Hey! Say! Jump’s Room

Yuto: it’s been 3 days! T_T I haven’t seen her or talk to her!
Daiki: yeah right~ >.>
Yuto: oh yeah? You’re acting like you don’t care!
Daiki: ….
Yuuri: come on guys~ cut it out okay?
Keito: yeah. What’s the point of arguing!?
Ryosuke: *sighs* right Keito~ ne, is that girl really that great?
Keito: ask them~
Ryosuke:*looks at Yuto and Daiki* well?
Yuto: she’s just a simple girl.
Ryosuke: -_- that’s it?
Yuto: well… ahehehe!!
Ryosuke: geez! Love huh?
Kei: whuu~ someone’s acting innocent about love~
All exp Ryosuke: *stares at Ryosuke* HEH!?
Ryosuke: *perspires* KE-I!!!!
Kei: ahehehe!
Yuya: eh? Is that true Ryosuke?
Ryosuke: eh!... ah… not really that… kind of like… *blushes a bit*
Yabu: ah! Ah! Ryosuke is blushing!
Hikaru: aaah!!! Is that really you!?
Yuya: let’s see! *pokes Ryosuke’s head hard*
Ryosuke: OUCH!!!
Yuya: ah =_= he’s real…
Ryosuke: of course I’m real!!! >_< Takaki!!!
Hikaru: just to be sure~
Ryutaro: hey, hey, Ryo-kun, what does she looks like?
Daiki: yeah tell us~
Ryosuke: she’s—
Kei: very unique, simple, blue eyed girl, hair on the shoulder, un-expectedly simple minde-- *feels chills* eek! *looks at his back*
Ryosuke: INOO KEI!
Keito: heh~ so that’s Ryosuke-kun’s type?
Ryosuke: t-that no-
Yuto: nice ryo!
Kei: she slept at his house.
All exp Kei & Ryosuke: EHH!!?
Ryosuke: oi Kei!
Hikaru: why! Why did she sleep there?
Ryosuke: she wa-
Kei: she was snatched and Ryosuke saw her in the park soaked in the rain. And she fainted and was burning hot. So Ryosuke carried her and took her to his place.
Ryosuke: grr!! INOO KEI!!
Daiki: lucky girl~
Ryutaro: yeah.
HIkaru: ja, what did she said when she saw you? Was she surprised?
Ryosuke: She- *glares at Kei*
Kei: ahaha I’m not going to talk =D
Ryosuke: so, she wasn’t surprised at all.
Yabu: eh? How come?
Ryosuke: I don’t know. She doesn’t know me. I don’t think she knows much around here too.
Yuto: ohh. I see.
Yuuri: ah! Keito! We need to go now!
Keito: uh. Yeah.
Yuya: where are you guys going?
Yuuri: mall.
Yabu: mall? What’re you gonna do there?
Keito: grocery~
Kei: oh… okay then. Be safe!
Keito & Yuuri: ja!
Ryosuke: hey Kei. Could you… umm..
Kei: yeaaa?
Ryosuke: come with me… im just gonna buy something.
Kei: heh~ No.
Ryosuke: eh! Ah, I know you have a great taste when it comes to things *puppy eyes* please??
Kei: well… okay okay!
Yuto: heh~ so now you’re gonna by things for her?
Ryosuke: that’s not true!
Daiki: Liar~
Ryosuke: shut up!
Hikaru: geez. You’re so defensive Ryo. Just admit that you like that girl okay?
Ryosuke: but I still don’t know about that. I’m not even sure.
Yabu: poor Ryo-kuuun~
Yuya: *ruins Ryosuke’s hair* your growing up~
Ryosuke: -_-

@ Mall – Yuuri & Keito –

Yuuri: let’s see… milk, cookies, and…
Keito: I have to stock my refrigerator too.
Yuuri: hmm… *looks the other way* Ah!
Keito: Ah! I-chan!
Illumi: ah! Umm… Yuuri and Keito right?
Yuuri: glad that you remember us ^_^
Keito: you’re alone?
Illumi: ah, yes.
Yuuri: whoa, you have picked a lot of things on your basket! And it’s A LOT!
Illumi: ohh. Hahaha!
Keito: *grabs her hand with the basket* let me carry it for you *smiles*
Illumi: ohh… *shy* i-it’s okay! I can handle it!
Keito: a girl like you shouldn’t be carrying such heavy things like this. So let me carry it okay?
Illumi: but… i feel embarrased *looks down sad*
Keito: *saw illumi frowns* it-... *blushed and looked away* i-it's okay... i will carry this.. let's go..
Illumi & Yuuri: okay.

Keito's POV
*it can't be... what's this i'm feeling? when i looked at her sad face...
it's like my heart starts to beat fast... no way...*

Yuuri's POV
*Keito is...*


Cashier lady: next please.
Yuuri: hai. *ahead of Illumi* *puts the items*
Cashier lady: *packs and values Yuuri’s grocery items* hai, 5,500 yen desu.
Yuuri: hai, *gives money*
Cashier lady: next please.
Illumi: hai. *puts the item*
Keito: ah, let me help you.
Illumi: Thanks Keito. *smiles sweetly*
Keito: *blushed abit* ah… it’s nothing.
Yuuri: *saw Keito* heh…
Cashier Lady: 10,250 yen desu.
Illumi: ah hai, *about to give the money*
Keito: anou, Cashier-san I’ll pay for it. *gives his card*
Cashier Lady: Ah, Hai.
Illumi: eh! W-wait a minute Keito. Why did you..?
Keito: ^_^ it’s my treat.
Illumi: *speaks English* but you shouldn’t have done that for me you know…
Keito: *speaks English too* d-don’t worry~ i-it’s my treat. Okay? *looks the other way*
Illumi: geez~
Yuuri: O.o ah, ne! why don’t we eat?
Keito: nice idea Yuuri.
Illumi: ah, I’m getting hungry too.
Yuuri: then, let’s go?
Illumi & Keito: Okay!

-Restaurant Bar-
[Their Background: someone sings on the flat form]

Illumi: say… You guys look like spies.
Keito: haha why?
Illumi: well, you guys are wearing cap and still wears sun glass.
Yuuri: well, as you know, we’re J-pop idols. So we wouldn’t want those fans to see us.
Keito: yea they might get crazy.
Waiter: here are your orders Sir. *places the foods*
Yuuri: thanks.
Illumi: wow! This looks delicious!
Keito: it is ^_^
Illumi: itadakimasu! *starts to eat* waaa! It’s delicious!

Yuuri’s POV
*no wonder… no wonder they fell for her. Now I understand what they feel…*

Keito: *whispers at Yuuri* say… you feel it too.. don’t you?
Yuuri: yeah… ne I-chan, why do you have so many grocery?
Illumi: ah, that? It’s my birthday on Monday ^_^
Keito & Yuuri: HEEEH!!?
Yuuri: r-really!?
Illumi: yup!
Keito: how old are you then?
Illumi: 14 =^_^=
Yuuri: ohh! Ah! I-chan! You have – there… ah wait, *grabs a tissue* here… *wipes the dirt behind Illumi’s right lips*
Illumi: oh… *blushes* aah… t-thanks..
Yuuri: ah… *blushes too*
Host: today is a great day desu ne? well then everyone, I’m going to pick one of you… to sing here in front! No kill joys okay? Well then, whoever person who stops the light in front of him/her, he/she will sing.

Yuuri's POV
*and now... am I falling too?*

*The light goes around till it stops to Illumi*

Illumi: EHH!
Host: whoa! Everyone, it’s a lady! Well then, please come up here!
Yuuri: ohh!!! Good luck!
Keito: yah you can do it!
Illumi: heh… *went to the flat form*
Host: what’s your name?
Illumi: I-illumi desu.
Host: oohh. Well then Illumi-chan, what would you like to sing?
Illumi: etto, I’m not too familiar with Japanese song. But I think I can at least sing one.
Host: so what are you going to sing?
Illumi: etto, I think the title was, Kiss, Kaeremichi no love song.
Yuuri: whoa! She’s going to sing that?
Keito: great! I can’t wait!
Host: ok then, don’t worry there’s a lyrics ^_^ now, Music… Play!
Illumi: *sings kiss, Kaeremichi no love song*


@ Ryosuke and Kei’s Side
@ Mall, sitting in the food court

Kei: So… what do you want? Geez. Dragging me to the mall.
Ryosuke: help me buy a gift!
Kei: gift!?
Ryosuke: uh… yeah.
Kei: ok then…
Ryosuke: but… I don’t know what to buy!!!!
Kei: easy! =_= you look like a freak you know!
Ryosuke: T_T gomeen… I didn’t know it feels like this… to like somebody.
Kei: hmm… let’s think what to buy okay? geez, this is so troublesome. Good thing I still don’t have any girlfriend or love interest~
Ryosuke: just help me okay!
Kei: okay! okay! hmm… think about what does Umi-chan needs the most.
Ryosuke: what Umi needs the most… aaaaaargggg! Mouuuu iiii!!
Kei: -_- GEEZ! If you could only see yourself! You’re acting so much like a child!

Kei’s POV
*it’s the first time I’ve seen Ryosuke like this… *sighs*
oh well… a man who isn’t in love wouldn’t understand a man who is in love*

Ryosuke: ah!
Kei: what?
Ryosuke: I know just exactly what to buy for her!
Kei: really? What?
Ryosuke: *smiles big*
Kei: >.< freak…

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