Takami Akai resigns from Gainax
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Posted 5/21/07 , edited 5/21/07
2ch’ers force Takami Akai to resign from Gainax

"Takami Akai, one of the founders of Gainx resigned today on the 27th of April. Howerver, a more likely scenario was that he was actually fired; work seppuku as I like to call it. All because of the words in which he wrote in his mixi blog, stating that visiting 2chan was like “putting [his] face next to an anus and breathing deeply.”

Ouch, what’s the reason behind all this otaku hate? Well it was because the people at 2channel were, heavens forbid, criticizing Gurren Lagann. This all exploded when the 4th episode came out and 2ch became laden with negative criticism concerning the new artistic style the 4th one possessed. Consequently, because of his harsh words Akai posted a letter of resignation. Or as I see it forced to resign. I feel bad for the poor guy, he had been with the company since the beginning and had to resign because of some words driven out because of anger and not of rational thought. Mr. Takami, we invite you to work here, we are still otaku but not disgusting otaku."

-Taken from japanator.com

Old news, but I found it interesting.
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Posted 5/21/07
I thought the comments left on the blog by the 4chan people were hilarious. There were tons of Code Geass references.
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