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I hate Naruto.............
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Posted 9/30/09

-MooBear wrote:

No one cares. If the thread is "I hate Naruto." then WE think YOU hate Naruto. Duh.

And yeah, rules. Follow them (;

Topic NAME and topic DESCRIPTION are self explanatory.

Kiki's Customer Support Service
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Posted 9/30/09
The fact that you're calling others idiot before even hearing their views, and deliberately making a thread just so you can argue is trolling. Read the forum rules before creating a thread.
No naruto threads allowed.
No hate threads allowed.
Just to make things clear, neither is flaming.
Do not create this thread again.

And for the record. I hate naruto. The story line, the annoying fans, and the characters all annoy me. I think Barney is better than naruto. Do I have a problem with you liking it? Nope. Will I ever make a thread about it calling people who like it idiots? Nope. So let's keep the mutual respect for each others tastes in anime.

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