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Posted 10/1/09 , edited 10/1/09
What do you think of the battle between Orochimaru and Sasuke? Are you glad that Orochimaru died or do you think that he should live a little more longer.
Me: I didn't expected that Orochimaru would die that quikly I was expecting a big battle, or that kabuto would come and rescue Orochimaru, but he was easly killed by Sasuke.

Who do you think would win if Naruto and Sasuke fight with each other? and do you think if Sasuke would return to Konoha or not?
Me: I have really no idea.

Last question where do you watch naruto?
Me: I watch it at

(Feel free to start a new Forum or upload youre favorite picture of naruto ^____^)

Posted 10/7/12
I thought orchimaru was lame but also it wasn't a fair fight since orochimaru was already sick. I thought that sasuke was awsome and the way he atacked orochimaru with chidori was awsome.

I don't think sasuke will return tokonoha because he truly believes konoha was the cause of his brothers death. If he fights naruto i think naruto will win or they mite both die. If sasuke ever stops being a rouge he most likely wouldn't return to konoha

I watch naruto in japanese on crunchyrol(shippiden) and netflix(the original naruto). Whenever i want to watch in english i go to anime freak or any website that seems ok.
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