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Final Fantasy XIV
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Posted 10/3/12
A realm reborn, huh?

As a hyyyyuuuuge fan of FFXI, I of course played FFXIV for a while, but dropped it because... well... it was trash.

Anyways, good to hear that the game is going through a major overhaul. My dream would be that they recreate the game to be just like FFXI, only with updated graphics!
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Posted 11/2/12
Service shutdown in just 9 days in preparation for ARR!

Kind of makes me angry that SE brought back the Imperials event after the final save. I couldn't get myself the Imperial Operative Tricorne and I just had this feeling that the event would come back after the final save, and sure as hell it did -.-

I wasn't able to obtain a relic or the White Ravens, but I think I accomplished a good bit in 1.x. Hoping for a server transfer in 2.0 so I can join my old FFXI friends on Masamune.

Is anyone else staying for the ARR boat?
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