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Shugo Chara! Party!
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Posted 1/30/10 , edited 1/30/10
I think it is lame that they decided to do some live action crap.
The episodes are like only 10 minutes now.
Seriously, at first, before the party episodes, it was pretty cool, the audience were probably pre-teens or younger.... Now it is like teletubbies and barney. Aiming for those kids under the age of 7!!
I can't even watch the anime now! I mean I watched the first few episodes and when I saw the live action stuff I was like "WTF!"
Really disappointing... actually no, I couldn't even watch the 2nd episode! so yeah I saw 1 episode and dubbed it to be a show for 3 year olds.
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Posted 2/20/10
I love it!
Btw, the prize password for my prize machine group is "Tadase in a skirt."
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Posted 2/21/10
five words- worst shugo chara season ever!
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Posted 7/4/10
The show is a very well written ending to the friendship of the new and old as the new holders of the Characters inside of themselves learn the real power of having a chara: Which I refuse to tell you so go watch it yourself.

My Brothers emotions to answer
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Posted 7/12/10 , edited 7/12/10

-Z3rO-LoV3- wrote:

dey only gib u 10 mins of rly actual anime im rly nut liking dis new season

Agreed >_>
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