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23 / F / In my own little...
Posted 11/11/09
Username: moonlight123456789
Nickname: Yoko-chan
Pet #(s):
1, male, Momiji
3, female, Kimika
6, female, Etsumi
7, female, Kaede
9, female, Sakura
11, male, Kaji
15, female, Naru
16, female, Minami
18, female, Hidaka
20, male, Hakuryu
21, male, Keitaro
23, male, Hiroki

Will you take care of it: Yeeeeeeeees
yup on my way
Posted 11/15/09 , edited 11/15/09
Username: ran_miki_su_101
Pet #(s): 7
Will you take care of it:YES
What are their names (put them in order of the listed): Mayu
Gender for each of them: Female
Payed: Yes

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20 / F / In Wonderland
Posted 11/16/09
Closed for now...
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