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26 / M / The Sea of Black...
Posted 10/4/09 , edited 10/4/09
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M / Hmmm.....
Posted 5/14/11 , edited 5/15/11
Name: Jae Kuroi
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Nation: Kumogakure
Chakra Type: Storm, Water, Lighting
Background: Jae Sought out Darui in order to learn the storm release style and the Black Lighting. Jae also learned taijutsu and kenjutsu from Omoi making him an expert at sword combat. Jae wields Darui's and Omoi's Swords as a tribute to his two masters. When he was younger he was a candidate for the village jinchūriki, but refused because he wanted to become a great ninja with his own strength. He has worked on his own personal speed to make one of the fastest in the cloud. He has also mastered the Fourth Raikage's Lightning Release Armour technique. With his great speed, the Black Lighting ability, and the Lightning Armour technique his peers call him the "Black Storm"
Additional Details: Kekkai Genkai-Storm Release and the Black Lighting technique
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