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Tadamu Dreamworld
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Posted 4/19/11
(So you managed to put that idea into play...nice one, Aimz-chan!)

Tsukasa: Anything your heart desires will come to you. Your majesty, when you wish upon a star of course.
Tadase: Right then.
Tsukasa: So what would you like to know about today?
Tadase: Well...I have three questions.
Tsukasa: Go ahead.
Tadase: First, will I ever find a girl fit to be a queen?
Posted 4/20/11 , edited 4/20/11
(Well I thought we may as well use the idea Oh, good news. I finished my assignment, so I'll be posting as normal for now, until the next one is due anyway)

IT: *facepalms*
Tsukasa: Hold on, your majesty. We must go sit at the table first
Tadase: Right...
*Tsukasa and Tadase walk over to a nearby table and sit at opposite ends of it*
Tsukasa: *looks up at the ceiling, where a small round window showing a small part of the sky is situated above him. Various star charts are pinned on the ceiling around this window*
Tadase: ...Can you answer my question?
Tsukasa: *looks back at Tadase* Hmmm... well, I remember that the stars told me that your desired queen is located far away...
Tadase: So I will find one worthy?
Tsukasa: Yet, she may be closer than you think
Tadase: That makes no sense
Tsukasa: It is what I have been told, your majesty
Tadase: *thinks* Well, there's no use trying to get anything more out of him on that... *sighs* Well then, answer my next question
Tsukasa: Which is?
Tadase: The Lock...why is it darkening? What does this mean?

(there. I fixed it. You can edit your post if you have to)
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Posted 4/20/11 , edited 4/20/11
(Umm....*facepalm* Amu has the lock...So I answer the question as if he does not have the lock? >_<)

Amu: *whistles*
Rima: Stop that racket.

Tsukasa: The lock's radiance projects the radiance of...*is distracted*
Tadase: Of?
Tsukasa: Your queen.
Tadase: But then why does it yet darken?
Tsukasa: Because your queen's heart is going through a trauma that stains it and the lock with its plague's very darkness.
Tadase: And how do I stop it?
Tsukasa: For that you must first find the person who would be your queen. Then you shall know what to do. And you said you had three questions?
Tadase: Yes.

(I forgot what I was going to use as the last question....fail me. But I am working on Forever-for the first time in awhile. Someone else make it up I guess.)
Posted 4/21/11
(sorry for earlier. I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning )

Amu: *whistles*
Rima: STOP IT!
Amu: *stops whistling*

Tsukasa: What's the last question?
Tadase: ...there's a certain someone I wish to get rid of. I have an idea on how to do it, but I'm not sure if it will work
Tsukasa: Who is it, may I ask?
Tadase: Oh, no-one important...
IT: You're never going to get rid of me as long as you live!
Tadase: *ignores IT* Anyway, I want to know if my plan will work or not
Tsukasa: Well, what is the plan you had in mind?

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Posted 4/21/11
(Meh...It's fine. We fixed it too. That last question...was better than what I would have put when I wrote three questions. Oh and Forever is officially updated. *claps*)

Rima: Stay silent until the King returns.
Amu: Why?
Rima: What do you mean, why? It's what we're supposed to do.

Tadase: Well, I killed someone but that plan backfired.
Tsukasa: Hmmm...
Tadase: I plan on killing someone else- closer to this...entity
IT: So I'm an entity now?
Tadase: *continues, ignoring IT* so that the entity is hurt.
Tsukasa: I see...
Tadase: The only thing I'm missing for this plan is an excuse to kill this person.

(It ought to be obvious who the person is...so what about that queen candidate idea, Aimz?)
Posted 4/21/11
(Well I had it in mind for the second question, but I thought it would sound better as the last question. Yep, you know I read and reviewed it *sighs* I should really work on "Hearts" Chapter 7 instead of watching Seinfeld reruns )

Amu: Really?
Rima: You're dumber than I thought

Tsukasa: I see...
Tadase: So what I need is an excuse, really, to kill this person and in turn, kill this entity
Tsukasa: Hmm...
. . .
Tsukasa: Well, the stars tell me that...
Tadase: What?
Tsukasa: The stars tell me that once you find your queen, all questions will have answers

(I'm game for using the queen candidate idea if you are, Meyumi)
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Posted 4/21/11
(I ought to be getting some sleep...instead of going on here, procrastinating, and possibly doing Forever. And I'm certainly game. But short tonight. Like I said I need some sleep.)

Amu: *hears small voice saying something she can't make out*Ex-cuse me. *with attitude*
Rima: Don't talk to me like that, maid.
Amu: Who are you calling maid?
(Fail...tag this onto the whole 'where charas go' theme)

Tadase: *growing angry* And I find my queen...how?
Tsukasa: You've already asked that question, your majesty. She is farther than you know, but closer than you think.
Tadase: Then HOW do I find her?
Tsukasa: Or him.
Tsukasa: Follow your heart.
X-kiseki: How cliche.
IT: Me. He means me.
Tadase: So how are you going to lead us to my queen, huh?
IT: ...
Tsukasa: It seems you have a clue already. Good luck
Posted 4/22/11
(Understandable, I need some sleep too... coolies, should we put it in after Amu has that dream sequence with Dia/Uru?)

(got stuck on those two )

Tadase: ...thanks...
Tadase: Well, I must be heading back now... *stands up*
Tsukasa: No more questions?
Tadase: No. That is all I have to ask you today
Tsukasa: Very well. Thank you for stopping by, your majesty
Tadase: *goes to leave*
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Posted 4/22/11
(That works. While the whole Tsukasa/Tadase conversation continues, I thought that Iru and Uru/Dia would have some fun. This is one long day-a week now?)

Amu: *snaps back* Umm...Sorry Rima.
Rima: You ought to be sorry.

Iru: That was fun! ehehehehehehehehe
Dia/Uru: ...
Iru: I wanna try again!
Dia/Uru: Won't Utau miss us?
Iru: She's out patrolling with Eru. She won't miss a thing.

Tadase: *mutters to self* That maid ought to be there when I get back.
And you're no help at all. Not a clue-a hindrance.
Posted 4/22/11
(Hm, yes it is a long day isn't it? Wanna timeskip to nighttime?)

Dia/Uru: . . .
Iru: C'mon Uru! Don't be boring!
Dia/Uru: *sighs* Fine...
Iru: *cheers* Yeah! Let's go then! ehehehehe
*Iru flies off, Dia/Uru following behind her*
Dia/Uru: Where are we going?

IT: Who, me?
Tadase: Yes, you... *leaves Tsukasa's home*
Tsukasa: *doesn't notice Tadase talking to himself and looks up at his star charts*
Tadase: *as he is walking down the passage* You're nothing more than an annoyance. I can't wait to be rid of you
IT: You won't get rid of me! You need me to help you!
Tadase: I don't have to believe anything the fortune teller said

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Posted 4/23/11 , edited 4/23/11
IT: Wisdom is the product of folly. But this folly won't pass.
Tadase: Who are you, some honors student?
IT; Yes, actually.
Tadase: ...*mutters* stupid fortune teller.

Iru: The king!
Dia/Uru: Why?
Iru: It's night time so Utau will be reporting to him. We do need to get back to Utau on time.
Dia/Uru: Look who's boring.

(Forever chapter going up tonight-the I have got to work on Missing. *facepalm*
Sorry for not being on here-just found out I was allergic to tapioca-the hard way.)
Posted 4/23/11 , edited 4/24/11
Tadase: . . .
*Tadase walks through the passage in silence, until he reaches the exit and steps out into one of the hallways*
IT: Hmm...the Lock darkening is attached to you finding your queen...
Tadase: *walking down the hallway* *thinks* Can you keep your thoughts to yourself?
IT: But we are the same person remember? It can't be helped
Tadase: . . .
IT: So if this queen has feelings that is shown by the Lock's current state...
Tadase: *thinks* I don't trust your way of thinking at all
IT: It's what Tsukasa-san said
Tadase: *thinks* Doesn't mean I have to listen to it and find it truthful

Iru: Hey! Shut up!
Iru: Hurry up
*they both continue flying down the hallway*

(it's ok Meyumi. Hope you're feeling much better though. I know what it's like to learn about allergies the hard way too)
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Posted 4/24/11
(I should be okay...*sigh* At least my mom knew what to do since my sister is deathly allergic to peanuts. Otherwise it could have been worse. Anywho, I'm doing fine now. Just have to read labels more carefully. Tried to transition into night time. Like I said-it's been an insanely long day.)

IT: But it's a clue. If the queen is connected to the Lock. Which according to Tsukasa-san, she is.
Tadase: I said quiet.
IT: But it's a topic that bears thinking on.
Tadase: *turns down last hallway to the room where Amu and Rima are waiting*

Posted 4/25/11
Tadase: *sees Rima and Amu* Ah, there you two are
Rima: Where did you go, your majesty?
Tadase: That's none of your concern. *looks out the window and sees the sun starting to set* *looks back at Rima* It's getting late. Make a start on dinner.
Rima: Yes, your majesty *leaves the room*
IT: What are you going to do with Amu-chan?

Iru: Hurry up! Just a little further Uru!
Dia/Uru: . . .
*charas keep flying*

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20 / F / THE UNIVERSE!!! ;D
Posted 4/25/11
(love the story! Is it okay if I join ? )
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