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Tadamu Dreamworld
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Posted 4/27/11 , edited 4/28/11
Rima: *walks off to do amu's chores*
Tadase: Stupid maid,thinking she can escape me!
IT: Why does amu-chan have the lock anyway?
Tadase: How am I meant to know that?!
IT: ...
Tadase: so now you shut up...

Amu:*wakes up* how the hell am I meant to get out of here? I obviously can't go the way I came...* just barely stands up and limps off in a random direction*
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Posted 4/28/11
IT: ...
Tadase: Creepy...
IT: Don't count your chickens before they hatch.
Tadase: *facepalm*
X-Kiseki: Who are you talking to, your majesty?
Tadase: *thinks* Shush you.
No one in particular. I was just pondering...
X-Kiseki: What?
Posted 4/29/11
(this "day" is never going to end...anyway, sorry for not being on today. It was busier than expected )

Tadase: Um...
X-Kiseki: *expecting an answer*
Tadase: I was wondering...where that stupid maid went, that's all...
IT: It's getting harder and harder to cover up the fact that I'm here
Tadase: *thinks* Shut it, you
X-Kiseki: Ah, understandable then, I guess...

. . .
. . .
Amu: *after some time walking, she sighs in frustration* Ugh! I'm never gonna find an exit! It's impossible! I'll never escape, I'll always be stuck here as a maid, and nothing will ever change! I...I just can't keep trying anymore!
*the Lock glows a faint black*
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Posted 4/29/11
(s'okay. And yeah, this day is WAY too long. *facepalm* Maybe nightime comes while AMu is still lost and she has the Dia/Uru dream in the tunnel?)

Tadase: I mean, she just dissappeared. Did she escape, you think?
IT: What if Amu-chan's in trouble?
X-Kiseki:, I dont think so.
Tadase: *thinks* I don't care.
Then where would she be?
X-Kiseki: Thats the thing. I dont know. But she definitely has the lock with her. She can't leave.

Amu: *fades to black and passes out*
Lock: *dulls, blackened*
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Posted 4/29/11
Tadase:Maybe we can find her because she has th lck
X Kieski:Thats never worked before because charas have never really sensed itt
Tadase:Ah but maybe the key to this lock can
X Kieski:Thats a possiblity
Tadase:*smirks and eats a piece of calamari* She thinks she can out smart me, that angers me but she'll learn for herself.

Amu:*wakes up in a daze and a burning from whree the lock is held against her as she holds her head ignoring the burning*
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Posted 4/29/11
(I was trying to lead into the Amu/Uru dream sequence...this day is taking FOREVER)

X-kiseki: So what will you do?
Tadase: Do? *smirks* I'll find the errant maid of course. But first, a delightful dinner. Maybe bed. It's getting late. She's not going anywhere anyway.
Posted 4/29/11 , edited 4/29/11
Tadase: know what? I'll start looking for her tomorrow...if she's still alive of course
IT: W-What?
Tadase: *ignores IT*
X-Kiseki: Yes, that is a good idea. You need your rest anyway; you're scheduled to see more queen candidates tomorrow

(I'll make it so that she is in her dream now, ok?)

Amu: Ow, my head... *looks around and finds that she is in an unfamiliar place* W-Where am I? This isn't where I fell asleep...
. . .
Amu: Oh no, have I been captured? A-Am I going to die?
??: *whispers* Amu-chan...
Amu: *gasps and looks around* D-D-Dia?

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Posted 4/29/11
(Works...gah. Sorry for not noticing you posted. Working on a chapter of Missing. THe one yesterday was very short.)

Tadase: Do you think any will be worthy?
X-Kiseki: I hope so...
Tadase: *thinks* So I can kill 'guilty' people. Fine. But arent you forgetting who decides who's guilty and who isn't/
Well, its almost time for sleep-get Rima to take these back and Yaya for a bed tucking in.

Dia: *smiles*
Amu: Dia, where have you been? Don't you know how much I missed you?
Dia: *sparkles*
Amu: Why are you here now?
Dia Your radiance is dimming.
Amu: What?
Posted 4/29/11
(No worries, it's all good. I've been trying to work on "Hearts" and failing miserably. You'd think I'd get something done in this whole week I had of no uni... *sighs* -_-' Sorry for not getting around to reading both Missing and Forever either. I promise I will soon )

Tadase: And get Kukai and Nagihiko as well
X-Kiseki: *nods and flies off*
IT: Your judgement is unfair in every way possible!
Tadase: My judgement is the law, no-one has the right to question it. And if they do...well, they know what will happen to them

Dia: Your losing your inner shine, Amu-chan. I'm fading away...
Amu: N-No...this can't be happening...
Dia: *nods sadly*
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Posted 4/29/11 , edited 4/29/11
(Coolies. This chapter for Missing may/may not go up tonight though. I gotta get to sleep-a soccer game to catch early. It's a somewhat important game, so I gotta be ready. I've been told that I run 20 laps if I dont score. And I don't score usually. My coaches will keep that end of the deal for sure...)

IT: But it's not fair!
Tadase: Life isnt fair.
IT: But-
Tadase: No buts. you're just giving me a headache now.

Amu: Why?
Dia: You decided that it was hopeless.
Amu: ...
Dia: You're giving in.
Amu: To what exactly? I cant help being a maid-I dont want to die. I-*starts crying*
Dia: *floats up to Amu's shoulder*
Posted 4/29/11 , edited 4/29/11
(Understandable. You go out there on the field and kick some butt! lol As for "Hearts", I should really get off my butt and try and work on it at least... it saddens me to see how lazy and unmotivated I'm becoming )

IT: Good! You deserve it! *keeps talking*
Tadase: I can't wait to be rid of you...
. . .
IT: *still talking and protesting*
Tadase: *cutting IT off* Ok, seriously, you're getting on my nerves. If you don't shut up, I swear--!
Kukai: My lord?
Tadase: *stops talking and sees that Kukai has entered the room, along with Nagihiko and Rima*
X-Kiseki: *flies over to Tadase* Yaya is waiting in your room
Tadase: Right. *looks at Kukai and Nagihiko* Have you had any luck with finding the cat-girl and the twins?
Kukai: No, my lord. But Kairi is out searching for them
Tadase: ...Very well then
Nagihiko: What do you ask of me and Kukai, my lord?
Rima: *takes the dirty dishes and leaves the room*
Tadase: I want you and Kukai to patrol every aspect of the castle tonight, even the secret passageways. If you find the maid at any point, send her to the dungeons until morning. I don't want to be woken up in the middle of the night

Dia: *touches Amu's shoulder*
Amu: I-I don't know what else to do, Dia! I-I can't save him! and I-I don't want to die! *sobs*
Dia: ...*notices the Lock hanging around Amu's neck and flies down to it*
Amu: *still sobbing*
Dia: *sees that the Lock has darkened and places a hand on the keyhole*
. . .
Dia: I can hear it
Amu: *sniffles* W-What?
Dia: The Lock. I can hear it whispering to me, the whispers of the heart. It's calling to me...but I can't hear what they are saying...
Dia: The Lock represents your heart, Amu-chan. Look at it
Amu: *lifts up the Lock and looks at it. She can see that three of the petal-shaped stones on it have gone completely black, while the fourth one remains a greyish, opaque colour*
Dia: If that stone darkens completely, then it shows that you have completely given in
Amu: B-But maybe I want to...I've lost everything, I'm doomed to this new life. There's nothing I can do, Dia!
Dia: But Amu-chan...the reason why this stone is still close to clear is because I'm still here
Amu: ...Y-You are?
Dia: *nods* My presence still resides close to you...please, hang on to it, no matter what
Posted 4/30/11
So...crisis averted. Who wants to continue?
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