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Tadamu Dreamworld
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20 / F / Right behind you
Posted 4/30/11 , edited 4/30/11
(Well, we won. But I managed to get myself hurt yesterday evening, after I talked to you, so I was on light duty. It was...6-1 I think? I played goalie awhile though. I'm satisfied. And crisis averted. Lazy and unmotivated? Come on, Aimz! You can do it! Or maybe you could use a chara like Ran to cheer you on all the time.)

Kukai&Nagihiko: Hai. *walks out*
*heard in the distance*
Kukai: I'll take this level up. You take the ones down.
Nagihiko: That leaves...Nikaidou to look through the pasages, huh.
Kukai: What about that?
Nagihiko: It's just that he's so messy. Oh well. Tell him to take the lower levels I'll look though the pasages.
Kukai: Fine then....

Amu: But I lost you!
Dia: Lost me?
Amu: You were trailing Utau.
Dia: *confused* I was?
Amu: That wasn't you?

Tadase: *goes to room*
Yaya: Your majesty requested a bed-tucking in?
Tadase: Yes.
Yaya: *pulls back covers*
Tadase: *gets in bed*
Yaya: Your Majesty...
Tadase: Yes...?
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20 / F / THE UNIVERSE!!! ;D
Posted 4/30/11
( ignoring all the pokemon and ham )
Amu: But I seriously don't know if I can hold on Dia
Dia: Please just try Amu-chan
Amu: It would be easier if I actually had you with me
Dia: Even though I am not right by your side, I am closer than you think
Amu: You are my chara! Why aren't you right by my side?
Dia: All will soon be answered but for now you just have to stay hopeful, even if it is just a little bit
Posted 4/30/11
( umm hi i made a post before where i liked to join and i got everything wrong *nervous laugh* can i join in? Ive been reading it now and i am loving it! may i join?)
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30 / F
Posted 4/30/11
you can ignore this too >:)
if it doesn't make sense LOL (i didn't read the whole story :sweatingbullets:)

Dia : -Goes back in egg-
Amu : .....
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20 / F / Right behind you
Posted 4/30/11 , edited 4/30/11
*links arms with Aimz to keep out spam* I /was/ in a good mood until I saw this.

First, my Venusaur and my Togekiss can pwn your tentacools. And ham is made out of pig so people like me don't eat ham. And as such, we don't care about whether you like it or not. Just saying. Now onto the real first point.

1. Please do not insult us.
2. Please do not spam us.
3. We really don't care about your tentacool obsession. Or your ham obsession.
4. If you don't like the game/coupling, then just leave. There are people who don't like it. We acknowledge that. Said people can ignore this game. They don't have to read it. And they certainly don't spam it-as long as they are normal.
5. I believe that Aimz or I have more grammar than you and your friend put together so shut it.
6. As I said, we can't be jealous of ham or tentacool because we don't care about tentacool or ham.
7. Rudeness is NOT appreciated.
8. Just because Aimz quoted your post, doesn't mean she cares. She, like me and everyone else who takes part in this game just wants to be left alone. So help me god.
9. If you are going to say inappropriate things such as
Then PLEASE put a spoiler box on it. There are preteens on here and young teens and people who just don't want to have to deal with such things.
10. Setting aside the fact that all you posted was spam...
a. Please do not post a lot of pictures, or any if they are completely unrelated.
b. Please put words in your post that is related to the actual plot and coupling and the storyline we are currently working on. Author notes, (in parenthesis as to differ from the actual post) You are welcome to join the roleplay if you won't spam and would work with the rest of us.
11. I don't care that I'm not a ham. I am mad, but at YOU for spamming this AWESOME thread. Ham can go and die in a hole for all I care. So can tentacool.
12. Aimz-chan was polite to you. Politer than I would have been. Politer than most people would have been. Please appreciate her tolerance thus far for you guys. I certainly do.
14. Just like Aimz said. Go get your own thread. Watch it lock and be discarded. Do us all a favor and leave us alone.
15. You could use some trolling pointers. And spamming pointers.
16. How old are you, three? Leave us be. We don't care.
17. We don't care if your tentacool evolved. Got it? Go find some pokemon site with people who care.
18. And if you don't read this, for all the time and effort I put into enlightening you guys, then...TEMARI!
Temari: Hai.
Me: Character change with Nagi and go after these knuckleheads.
Temari: Hai. Shin. Ton. Shan.

Ye gods, this was over a page. A page and a half really. 635 words. I can’t believe I had to waste so many on spammers.
After this, Mina, let's go back to our fun awesomesauce roleplay.
So, in the words of Dawn, BAM! Oops, wrong thing.
Take Two: So, in the words of Aimz: Can you two do us a favour and kindly stop spamming our game with Pokemon and pictures of ham?
*sigh* That took a long time, and was very long. Just go forth, do good, and reach that epic dream of normality.
/end scene
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20 / F / Right behind you
Posted 4/30/11
(Sure...why not? As long as you'll keep to the storyline we worked oh so hard on. And the pokemon posts are gone? Oh well, should I take/leave my list? Realized I forgot me)

Rima: Why did I have to wash the dishes again? Utau, did you find the annoying prisoners?
Utau: Amu disappeared. No.
Rima; How do you disappear?
Utau: No clue.
Rima: She'll face the king's wrath. And mine.
Posted 5/1/11
(Haha, yeah Meyumi, I could use a motivator chara xD )
(nice thinking, including Nikaidou as well)
(and yoru_luvah, you can join. Like Meyumi said, just keep to the storyline please. If you're confused on anything just ask us :D)

Nagihiko: Make sure he doesn't try using any of his robots to do the job though. It's just asking for trouble
Kukai: Yeah yeah, I will. See ya later then *walks off*

Dia: . . .
Amu: W-Who could it be then, if it wasn't you?
Dia: ...I remember Utau did something to me. But I don't remember anything after that...

Yaya: Do you require me to do anything else for you tonight?
Tadase: No. That is all for you. Resume your normal duties tomorrow
Yaya: Yes, your majesty *tucks Tadase into bed* Good night *bows and leaves the room, turning off the lights before she leaves*
Tadase: *goes to sleep*
. . .
IT: How much longer is this going to continue?

Rima: *washes dishes with intense scrubbing, as she is imagining the plate in her hands is Amu's face*
Utau: She is annoying. She can't even do my job right.
Rima: Tell me about it. She's so clumsy; she can't hold a mop to save herself
Dia/Uru: *staring off into space*
Iru: Wooo! Earth to Uru! *flying around Uru, trying to get her attention*

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30 / F
Posted 5/1/11
Dia/Uru : *still staring off into space*
Iru : -bite-
Uru : OWWWWW !!!!!!!~~~~~?????? WHAT HAPPENED ???? D:<
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20 / F / Right behind you
Posted 5/1/11 , edited 5/1/11
(I thought we should include Nikaidou somehow, and I needed a fourth guard for the conversation. Oh and I'm keeping Missing. In the middle of writing a new 3rd chapter.)

Nagihiko: *watches Kukai leave and turns to a picture frame on the wall* Here's as good a place to start as any. *takes frame out and goes inside.

Kukai: *walks to Robot Room* Nikaidou?
Nidaidou: Yes?
Kukai: Playing time's over. Put the Robots away. You're looking for the missing maid and anything else suspicious on the bottom floors. I've got top. Nagihiko's got the pasages.
Nikaidou: Why now?
Kukai: Why not?

Iru: You were spacing...again.
Dia/Uru: Oh. *floats over to Utau's shoulder*
Eru: We didn't find ANYTHING today.
Iru: Haha, fail.
Eru: It's so annoying though.
Iru: You're a failure...*chases Eru*
Eru: *runs away from Iru*
Uru/Dia: *watches silently*

Tadase: *thinks* I need to get some rest. Shut up.
IT: If you won't do anything then I will.
Tadase: *thinks* How? You're just a figment of my imagination. You can't do anything.
Both: *remember scene in execution room*

Dia: *screams*OWWW!!! *fades for a moment and comes back*
Amu: DIA! What happened?
Dia: I'm...not sure. But you don't have a lot of time left.
Amu: Time?
Dia: To save youself. And me.
Amu: *looks at chara, looks down, and starts to sob* Why?
Dia: Because your radiance dims even now. *holds up Lock*

Rima: And did you hear?
Utau: Hear what?
Rima: She went missing.
Utau: Missing, huh?
Rima: And she was a favorite of the King's as well.
Utau: How did that dunderhead manage that?
Rima: I have no clue but...*scrubs harder*

(Five conversations is...manageable but also a bit hard.)
Posted 5/1/11
(Ok i get everything i dont think i have questions......This is fun tho aha honestly im not sure if my little story will fit )

Nikaidou:Ok then *puts robots on the desk* Where am i to go?
Kukai:You just stay patrol in the main halls got it?
Nikaidou: Yea sure.
*bothwalk out the room and into the hallway*

Tadase:*thinks* Oh umm.But your still in my imagination!
IT: Oh really?
Tadase:*thinks* Yes you are!

Utau:Umm Rima,Ur scrubing the plate to much..
Rima: *looks at plate and it's super shiny* Oh sorry.*puts the plate in the rack and grabs another plate*

Amu:*looks at the lock and notices it dims more* Dia?
Amu:All i have to do is not give in?
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20 / F / Right behind you
Posted 5/1/11
(Don't worry, practice makes perfect!)

Kukai: And no robots, okay?
Nikaidou: I left them in there.
Kukai: No going back for them.
Nikaidou: Fine....*goes downstairs*
Kukai: Matagu. Such a pain.

Dia: In a sense.
Amu: But I thought....
Dia: *reads Amu's mind and smiles* Don't worry. Everyone can and will sparkle and shine. Including the one hidden deep inside.
Amu: The one hidden deep inside?
Dia: Don't worry, your friends will come back, if only you stay strong.

Tadase: *thinks* Shush, if you are as focused on taking over the world, thenyou know you need sleep.

Utau: That girl though...
Rima: She's messed up. *puts down dirty cup and sighs*
Utau: I want to mess her up. But the king's orders...
Rima: Well, theres nothing we can do to her, but we can make her look bad. *smirks*
Posted 5/1/11
Kukai:Off to my searching spot! *runs off*
Nikaidou: Wow Kukai's become strict yipes.I gotta patrol now. *singysongy voice* Patroling,Im patroling.Im searching for the maid,Amu Hinamori.La-la-la-la-la-la.

Amu:Ok thanks Dia! I can feel better already! *the lock starts to get brighter then dims*
Dia: Amu-chan! Did you see that?
Amu:Yes I did! All i have to do is not give in! Now i gotta wake up and go and find the exit!
Dia: To what?
Amu:The tunnel i was in! Im sorry Dia! I have to wake up!
Dia: OK ill see u later Amu-chan!!
*Amu closes her eyes and opens them to see the tunnel*
Amu: Ok! I'm going to find the exit! *Amu limps around the tunnels*

Tadase is sleeping.........
Along with X-Kiseki.....

Utau:Ok. What shall we do?
Rima: You know how she gives the king breakfast in the morning?
Utau: Yea....
Rima:I will change the ingrediants and the orange juice for lemonade.
Utau: That's not a bad idea.
*both girls smirk*

Nagihiko: Wow these passages are big and long.Good thing i have a map! *looks at map and then walks on*
Posted 5/1/11
Nikaidou: *walks off*

Amu: An exit can't be too far from here...

Rima: Heheh... she won't see it coming
Utau: She won't
Rima: Here. You clean the rest, I'm going to change the ingredients

Nagihiko: *looks at map* Hmmm...I have to turn left soon...

Posted 5/1/11
Nikaidou starts singing again because he's bored: Patroling,Im patroling.Im searching for the maid,Amu Hinamori.La-la-la-la-la-la.

Amu: COME ON! WHERE'S THE EXIT!!!???This tunnel is bigger then i thought.....*sees a patch of light* What the? *Amu walks to the shining light and sees it's an exit* IM SAVED!

Utau: Wait! Rima,she hasn't been found yet! Let's find her first then you can change the ingredients.
Rima: Oh ok that will work too.

Nagihiko: Ok im at the left. *hears an echo,IM SAVED!* An echo??

Iru:Your a failure Eru!
Eru flies away and Iru chases her.

Tadase is sleeping.......

Dia/Uru: *to Utau* Where did Iru and Eru go?
Utau: I don't know. Can you go look for them?
Dia/Uru: Hai
Posted 5/1/11
Kukai: *can hear Nikaidou singing in the distance* *cringes* Ugh...

Amu: *leaves through the exit* Hooray! :D
. . .
Amu: *looks around and sees that she is in the castle gardens. The sun is setting*

Nagihiko: Hmmm... it came from that way... *follows a passageway*

Dia/Uru: *flies off*
Posted 5/1/11
tentacool porn
Posted 5/1/11
it's funny because you think I'm actually going to read ALLLL of those stupid weeaboo forum rules.
Posted 5/2/11
*Bzzz Bzzzz*
Kukai looks at his walkie talkie: This is Sky jack,Beat Jumper you there?
Nagihiko: Yea Beat Jumper here have you found the maid?
Kukai: No.Have you?
Nagihiko:Naaah Ive only found Utau's chara's flying around.
Kukai:Keep looking for her!
*Walkie talkie turns off*
Kukai: *sighs* Where is she?!

Amu: Whoa. The sunset is so pretty.But now I have to think about how I won't be caught! *Amu walks back and forth* What do I do? What do I do?

Dia/Uru: Ive got to find Iru and Eru. Where are they? *flies and runs into Nagihiko* Nagi? Have you seen Iru and Eru?
Nagihiko: Yea I think so.Im chasing them now.
Dia/Uru: Thanks. *flies to them and catches up*
Dia/Uru: Hey Iru,Eru we have to go back to Utau.
Iru:Fine.Im done chasing this crybaby.
Eru: Im not a crybaby!
Dia: Let's just go.
*They fly back to Utau*

Tadase is sleeping the day away.......
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