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Tadamu Dreamworld
Posted 5/2/11 , edited 5/2/11
Kukai: A dummy like her can't be too hard to find! *walks down the hall*

Nagihiko: I think I can see an exit just ahead... *continues walking*

Amu: Hmm...I could get out of here and find Nami and Nemi... they could help me somehow right?
. . .
Amu: But if the king finds out, I'm dead anyway... oh, I don't know *keeps pacing, muttering ideas to herself*
. . .
*as the sun disappears completely and day transitions into night, a pair of searchlights turn on and start moving across the gardens*
Amu: Eeep! *dashes off, away from the lights*
. . .
Amu: *hides behind a tree* *thinks* Now what?

Hikaru: *sitting in the guard tower nearby, watching out for any intruders that might step out into the searchlights he turned on*

Posted 5/2/11
Um, guys can some say to me what is the story today so i'll join this story fanfic ^^! i'm reading this also
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Posted 5/2/11
Amu: *thinks* I'm stuck in a garden behind a tree with searchlights on, trying to stay away from said searchlights. How did I ever get myself into such a ludicrous situation?
*time passes*
Amu: *thinks* So...tired... *still dark*
Amu: *sprawled on the ground, pink hair peeping from beyond the tree*

Tadase: *still sleeping... *
Posted 5/2/11
(honestly that ham looks good yum im hungry now! alot of ham *dazed*)

Tadase wakes up: *yawn* Has anyone found the maid?
Yaya comes in: No not yet.
Tadase:Find her!
Yaya: Yes sir.

Hikaru: Time to turn off the lights *turns off switch*

Amu wakes up: Oh the sun is up.Did i fall asleep??
Posted 5/2/11
Amu: I think I did *groans and slowly stands up*
. . .
Amu: *hears a lot of girls screaming and chatting in excitement outside the castle gates* What could that possibly be?

Tadase: *hears the noise outside and looks out the window* What is making that racket!
IT: Finally, something other than me! :D
Yaya: *looks out window also* It looks like more candidates for your queen have appeared, your majesty
Posted 5/2/11
Tadase: Ugh. Let them in.
Yaya: Yes sir. *walks out of the room and goes out side*
Tadase: *thinks* Great. First the maid is gone and the Queen Canidite thingy is still happening.
IT: Well too bad.It's a good thing Amu-chan ran from you!
Tadase: *thinks* How is it a good thing?
IT:Duh you were torturing her smart one!It's a good thing she ran!
Tadase: Shut Up! Darn,since she's gone I have to get dressed myself Ughhhh. *Tadase gets dressed*
Yaya walks in: Your highness,this is-
?????- Hello your highness my name is Mimori Morino.Nice to meet you your highness.
Tadase: Do you have what it takes to become my wife?
Mimori: Yes.I can follow orders,I can cook,and Im smart.
Tadase: Hmmm......
Posted 5/2/11

gamergurl21 wrote:

this story is about tadase's conflicting relationship with this ham.


I'm vegetarian. I mad.
Posted 5/2/11
Yaya: have you make a desicion your highness??
Tadase: hmm... I cannot accept her she's only good at cooking I want energetic girls like AMULET HEART
IT: too bad Amu rans away from you
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Posted 5/3/11
(Honestly, I don't remember which filler Mimori was...)
Mimori: Your majesty, what are the qualities of this Amulet Heart?
Tadase: Well, Amulet Heart was always energetic, positive, enegetic, overly cheerful, energetic...
IT: *facepalm*

Amu: *gets run over by queen candidate and ends up part of the crowd, getting forced back into the castle*
Posted 5/3/11
(Mimori was Cooking Dream i think... do u mind if i add my self in this? If not u can ignore Amu's convosation part.... Also when i was reading back i saw someone's idea for Amu as a candidate.. How about it start as now?)

IT: He's still me but mean.I mean he still loves Amulet Heart.
Tadase: *thinking* SHUT UP.
IT: You know something? Amulet Heart was Amu-chan's chara nari.
Tadase: *aloud* WHAT??!!!!!
Yaya: Umm i didn't say anything your highness.
Mimori: *shivers*

Amu: OH NO OHNOHONOHNO! I can't go back! *falls out of the crowd and runs into someone*
????: Whoa you ok?
Amu looks up: Who are you?
Saeko: My name is Saeko. Call me Saeko-chan.
Amu: Oh nice to meet you Saeko-chan!I'm Amu.
Saeko: *looks at Amu's raggidy clothes* Girrrrlll you need some new clothes!
Amu: Oh I do?
Saeko: Yes you do chicka! Come with me! My mom owns a dress shop.
*Saeko grabs Amu's arm and runs out of the crowd and into a dress store*
Mom: Yes I do! Why do you need it?
Saeko: Well you see,Amu-chan here needs some new clothing.
Mom: Ok! *runs into the dress racks and comes out with a light blue and red dress* How about this one?
Amu: Oh my gosh! It's amazing!
Saeko: That's right! Momma's dresses are worn all over the kingdom!
Amu: Thanks! *runs into dressing room and puts on the dress,matching heels,and blue crown earings*
Saeko: WHOA! Amu-chan you look great!
Amu: Thanks!
Saeko: Now how about we put you as a queen canidate?
Amu: Sure....Wait,WHAT???!!!
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Posted 5/3/11
(Umm...we're not putting ourselves in this part of the roleplay...and Amu's already in the castle.)

IT: I'm getting harder to hide. Victory for me, I guess.
Tadase: *mutters* Quiet you,
Yaya. take her to the other room.
Yaya: O-kay.
Minori: Other room?
Tadase: Yes. I have other candidates to meet. So I'm having you taken to the waiting room
Minori: Okay...
Yaya&Minori: *walks out*
Nagihiko: *walks in* You have another candidate. Her name is Maika.
Maika: Nice to meet you.
(A/N Maika is the prima ballerina from a VERY early episode)
Posted 5/3/11
oh yea.... that's right... oh lol .... Maika was the girl who sprained her ankle right? Wait a minute..... How did the candidates get in the garden? Or did amu walk over to where the candidites are?
Tadase: Do you have what it takes to be queen?
Maika: Yes I do your highness. When I put my mind on something it stays on that something and im smart!
Tadase: Hmmmm..
Yaya comes back: Your highness? Mimori was put in the other room.
Tadase: That's good. *whispers* Get ready to send in this one too*
Yaya: Hai!
IT: How many girls are going to come in here? You rejected all of them! Or are you looking for that type of girl like Amulet Heart?
Tadase: *aloud*Shut up
Yaya and Maika: What?
Tadase: Nothing.
IT:Someone's going to find out Im here! Inner Tadase 2! Tadase 0!
Posted 5/3/11 , edited 5/3/11
(now that's a good idea, turning this part into a game show... Can you imagine it? It'll probably be called "So you think you can be a Queen?" lol. Sorry, just felt like sharing my thoughts xD)

Tadsse: *ignores IT* Anyway, you can also go into the other room with the other girl too. I'll inform you of my decision later
Maika: Hai
Yaya: *takes her out of the room*

*Meanwhile, in the garden...*

(i think the candidates stormed through the castle gates because there was so many of them, and Amu got caught in the stampede)
Posted 5/3/11
(Oh. Maybe. Hey Aimz! Can I call you that? you can call me Saeko i guess. I like your idea of a game show haha lol. poor Amu got stuck in the stampede XP )

Amu: *finally gets out of the crowd* Whoa. Those were a lot of girls! Tadase is lucky to have so many girl applicants! *Amu accidently ran into 2 of the girls*Oh sorry.
Random girl: Be careful next time! Oh No! Your dust got on my dress!
Amu: Oh! Sorry! Sorry.
Random girl:Just watch out next time! *pushes Amu aside*
Amu: Whoa. The king has some ferious girls here.
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Posted 5/3/11
(That's what I wrote in the story, Aimz. She got caught up in the incoming crowd of candidates and ended up mixed in them in the castle. Thats how I'm making her a candidate, as per my idea from so long ago.)

Amu: *thinks* Wait...the king's going to kill me most likely when he finds me. Maybe I can slip out when all the girls he didnt get to today leaves? I'll be too noticable now.
*feels for lock* *can't find lock* *thinks* OH NO! I must have dropped the lock outside! What now?

meanwhile in the garden...
Utau was flying in character transformation into the castle when something shiny caught her eye. She bent to pick it up. It was the LOCK!
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