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Tadamu Dreamworld
Posted 5/4/11
Amu: Um... Ok now you know me I'll go back to work your highness *Ignores*
Amu: *thinks* If i only can Character change to temari i could go wild! -_-|||

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Posted 5/4/11
(umm...she was asleep?!? ah well. What's done is done.)

Tadase: *grabs Amu's arm* No, Midori You are staying here.
Amu: W-what?
Tadase: You heard me, Midori.
Amu: *thinks* he must know it's me, to be saying my name like that. What do I do, what do I do?
Tadase: As my queen you would rule by my side,
Amu: Oh...
IT: ...
Posted 5/4/11
Amu: The real thing is...
Tadase: i don't care! c'mon! dress up like a queen!
IT: *sighs* i thought he would hurt Amu....
Amu: *thinks* does he really know!? *dresses up*
Tadase: *announces to everyone* Now i haved choose who will be my Queen....
Crizelle: *Thinks* Queen!? Maybe it's Amu-chan! *smiles*
Tadase: My queen is Midori!
Everyone: :O
Crizelle: Midori!? So it's not Amu-chan after all.. *sighs*
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19 / F / none.... lol XD
Posted 5/5/11
wooow!! the story very very great
Posted 5/5/11
Tadase: Now all of you can go home now!Thank you and good-bye!
Amu: *thinks* Oh my gosh........
IT: Oh my gosh........
Posted 5/5/11
IT: You didn't kill any of them...
Tadase: *thinks*I'm in a good mood!
Posted 5/5/11
IT: thank goodness
Amu: *thinks Why he is in a good mood* *Sighs*
Nagiheko: why all the girls here is gone?
Kukai: who knows?
Posted 5/5/11
Nagihiko: Let's go check up on the king...
Kukai: Yea,let's go.
*both walk to King's room and opens door to see the mystery girl whom they didn't know.*
Nagi: *whispers to Kukai* Who is this?
Kukai: *whispers to Nagi* I don't know. Let's ask.
Nagihiko: Um.Your highness?Why are all the girls gone?
Tadase: *grabs Amu and hugs her* I have chosen this girl as my wife!
Nagihiko and Kukai:
Posted 5/5/11
Amu: EHHHH~!?
Tadase: isn't it right? right Midori? ^^
Amu: *Thinks* he's not prince anymore he's a king*
Tadase: you there! *points to Nagiheko & Kukai*
Nagiheko & Kukai: Y-yes your highness...?
Tadase: Set up the wedding our wedding is tomorrow!
Nagiheko & Kukai: y-yes! *runs*
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Posted 5/5/11
Tadase: *evil laugh*
IT:...He just had to do that.
Tadase: *thinks* Shush you.
Amu: T-tomorrow?
Tadase: Yes tomorrow. DO you have a problem with that?
Amu: It's so soon!
Tadase: We can deal with it.
IT: He isn't gonna kill Amu-chan!
Tadase: *thinks* I'm in a good mood.
IT: What? He's in a good mood!
Tadase: Don't kill it.
Amu: *snaps back* What? *pales*
Tadase: *sees Amu* Oh, sorry. I was talking to myself A-Midori.
Posted 5/5/11 , edited 5/5/11
Amu: oh that's nothing!
IT: *smirks*
Amu: oh, i gotta go bye! *runs*
IT: Amu... *smirks*

. . . .
Amu: Um, your highness?
Tadase: don't call me your highness call me "Honey"
Amu: * bomb blushes* Y-yes! Honey!
Tadase: i glad to hear it.... *smirks*
Amu: :'3 *thinks* Honey Tadase...* Um Honey who's invited? ^^
Tadase: Of course you decide.... *smirks*
Amu: *thinks* Honey* *thinks the she's in heaven*
. . . .
Crizelle: *sighs* where's Amu-chan? *sighs* huh? *enters Q room [Aka: Queen's room]* hell-? EHHHH!?
Amu: eh!? Cri- *Thinks* I'm Midori for now* Ah pardon this is Queen's room...
Crizelle: sorry *leaves*
Posted 5/6/11
Tadase: *thinking* Ahahaha!
IT: I can't beleive ur making her call u honey.....
Tadase:*thinking* It
s because I can and Amu will be my bride........Then what shall I do with her then? *smirks*
Tadase: *thinking* How many times do i have to tell u?Im in a good mood!That's why I wont kill her,WELL TOMORROW WILL B A GOOD DAY!
IT:I hope it will be.
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/6/11
Tadase: of, course it will be!
IT: *sighs*

. . . .
Amu: Hmmmm.... What wedding dress would i wear Yaya?
Yaya: This! *points to wedding gown*
Amu: EHHHH!? A Gold wedding gown!?
Yaya: yes! It's 24 karat
Amu: Surely it's so expensive.... :o
Yaya: for King Tadase it's no expensive
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20 / F / Right behind you
Posted 5/6/11
IT: But really...honey? Don't you think she needs a break?
Tadase: *thinks* a break?
IT: Yeah. After the whole maid thing...
Tadse: *thinks* >.> I'm reformed.
IT: But you were so bent on making her life miserable. And watching her suffer. What changed that?
Tadase: *thinks* The Lock. Tsukasa. and annoyingly enough, you.
IT: So you're admitting that I do have some power.
Tadase: *thinks* No! You're still a figment of my imagination.
IT: I've one this one. ^^''
Tadase: *thinks* oo+++

Amu: Whoa...
Yaya: Lets see how it fits you! *pushes Amu and dress into convienient changing room*
Posted 5/6/11
*time skip to after the dress is put on*
Amu:*looks in mirror* Oh my gosh! Im beautiful!
Yaya: That dress was handmade by one of the tailors here.She was very skilled.
Amu: Wow.*looks up at the ceiling and starts thinking about the dress* (someone fill out what she's thinking....)
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