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Tadamu Dreamworld
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/7/11
Yaya: your so really Lucky Midori-chii!
Amu: Thank you Yaya! ^^

. . . .
*Tadase comes by...*
Tadase: Midori honey....
Amu: Yeah what is it? ^^
Tadase: let's had some break or popular called honeymoon...
Amu: After wedding?
Tadase: Yeah! ^^

Next Day...
Amu: finally the time has come! :'D
Yaya: good luck Midori-chii!
Amu: Yeah! ^^
. . . .
IT: the time has come Tadase....
Tadase: i know...
IT: don't kill her! after the wedding!
IT: Ok.... just relax *smirks*
. . . .
Wedding begins....
Priest: Will accept Amu has your Wife Tadase?
Tadase: Yes...
Priest: And Amu will you accept Tadase as Husband?
Amu: yes!
Priest: Now you may kiss the bride! *smiles*
Amu & Tadase: *kisses*
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/7/11
Everyone who attended the wedding: WHOO! YEA!! *claps*
Amu: *blushing* -///-
Tadase:*thinks* Wow Amu is really cute when she blushes.
IT: *facepalm*It takes you that long to figure that out?
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/7/11
Tadase: I heard that! i'm not! *disguises happy*
IT: *smirks*
Tadase: *Caries Amu*
Amu: *bomb blush* Ho-honey....
Tadase: *smirks* Midori....
Yaya: congrats Midori-chii! ^^!
Amu: Thank you Yaya! ^^
IT: ~~" *sighs*

Next day.....
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/7/11
Tadase and Amu are on a cruise for their honeymoon.

Tadase: Look Midori!*points at the sunset* It's beautiful,just like you are. *sparkly look*
Amu: *bomb blush* Honey.
Tadase: I think it's time you start calling me Tadase instead of "Honey" now,Midori. *smirks*
Amu: Ok.. Tadase....-kun....
Tadase: Tadase-kun?
Amu:Im sorry Im used to saying -kun to someone's name....Sorry
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/7/11
Tadase: that's alright Midori! ^^
Amu: *Thinks* I'm in HEAVEN!*
Tadase: Huh? Midori?
Amu: uh! No-nothing! ^^
Tadase: You'll be is queen's chair... You'll be no more Joker...
Amu: *dot background* eh? then who will be?
Tadase: The new Joker is.... IKUTO!
Amu's Charas: EHHHHH!?!?!?!?!?!
Tadase: right Midori?
Amu: ye-yeah!
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/7/11
Amu: *thinks* Now I knida feel bad for Ikuto........
Posted 5/7/11 , edited 5/7/11
(you know Amu doesn't have ANY charas at the moment, right? tadaseamu_, have you read any of this game? I'm only asking because some of your posts confuse me )

Amu: *thinks* Wait, I didn't even know we had a Joker's chair anymore...wasn't Ikuto the jester?
IT: I still don't understand why you married Amu-chan...
Tadase: *thinks* Are you saying you didn't want to be married to her?
IT: N-No! I didn't mean that at all! It just seems...strange
Tadase: *thinks* How so?
IT: You told me you hated her
Tadase: *thinks* And I still do
IT: Then why did you marry her?
Tadase: *thinks* Maybe I have a plan...
IT: Don't kill her!
Tadase: *thinks* But maybe I'm not going to do that to her
IT: Then what will you do?!
Tadase: *thinks* I'm not going to tell you anything
IT: . . .
Tadase: Heheh...
Amu: T-Tadase-kun? What's so funny?
Tadase: Huh? Oh, n-nothing Midori...
Amu: Ok then

*A week later, after the honeymoon...*

Nighttime at Tadase's castle...
Amu: *asleep*

*In Amu's dreams...*
??: Amu-chan...
Amu: Huh? *looks around and sees Dia* Dia...
Dia: Hello Amu-chan, You seem very happy lately
Amu: Y-Yeah...because Tadase-kun married me
Dia: That's why I'm come to talk to you again...Amu-chan, you need to snap out of it!
Amu: Huh? B-But why? Tadase is normal, right? He seems to be treating me well... oh wait, maybe that's because he thinks I'm Midori
Posted 5/7/11 , edited 5/7/11
(oops sorry aimz! )

Dia: i think you should escape from him now.... i'm warning you Amu-chan....
Amu: huh? Dia....
Dia: as wife you must now what he's planning about to....
Amu: maybe that's right.... Thank you Dia....
Dia: please believe in us.... Amu-chan! ^_^
Amu: su-sure! ^^
Next Day...
Tadase: Midori!
Amu: huh? Oh, Tadase! ^^ *no blushing*
Tadase: *thinks* Why she not blushing?*
Amu: i gotta go to Yaya bye! ^^
Tadase: su-sure... *thinks*she's strange today*
Amu: Yaya!
Yaya: oh, Midori-chii! :D
Amu: ^^
IT: acting strange? what do you mean!?
Tadase: i'm right!
IT: oh.. *sighs*
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Posted 5/7/11 , edited 5/7/11
(IT...smirking? )

Amu: I'm heading out. If possible, I'd like to be alone.
Yaya: Hai, Midori-sama-chi
Amu: Thanks. *walks outside*
*thinks* Dia...what do you mean, escape? What is his plan? Do I stick around to find out or get away or get hanged trying.

IT: No you aren't. Amu-chan is perfectly fine.
Tadase:*thinks* Just you saying that means she isn't.
IT: eh?
Tadase: *thinks* If she was you'd say something like 'What do you mean?'
IT: umm...
Tadase: *thinks* No matter. It is only a matter of time before she understands why I chose her.
IT: *overhears Tadase's thoughts about the plan* You wouldn't dare...
Tadase: *thinks* I wouldn't dare? I don't think so. Now you are not to say a word about that plan or I kill her now.
IT: But...Amu-chan.
Tadase: *thinks* It'll be easy.
IT; Fine, I'll keep quiet. Amu-chan, get out of here while you still can.
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
(yeah, I never really understood that either )

Amu: *walks around the gardens, thinks* What do I do?

Tadase: Kukai, go get Ami for me
Kukai: *standing at the door* Yes, my lord *leaves*
. . .
*Some time later, Kukai comes back, with Ami following him*
Ami: What is it, your majesty?
Tadase: Do you have the Lock?
Ami: *nods*
Tadase: Give it to me
Ami: *hands the Lock to Tadase*
Tadase: *looks at the Lock in his hand* Hmmm...three of the stones are black; the last one is grey... do you know what this means?
Ami: No I don't, sorry
Tadase: . . .
IT: Didn't Tsukasa-san say that the Lock is connected to your Queen?
Tadase: *thinks* know, you're actually right for once
IT: I-I am? Oh no, maybe I shouldn't have said anything! In fact, I might be wr--
Tadase: *thinks* Shut up. This'll be perfect for my plan *says* I'll be keeping the Lock under my watch for now on. Ami, you're dismissed
Ami: *nods and leaves*
IT: You can't do this!
Tadase: *thinks* I'm pretty sure I can, once I figure out what exactly this Lock is trying to me about Amu... *smirks*
Kairi: *runs into the room* My king! I have some news! The twins Nami and Nemi have been captured!
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Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
Tadase:Fantastic, put them in the cell.. I'll be there soon. Excellent job
Kairi: Yes sir. Thank you sir *leaves*
IT: you wouldn't!
Tadase: *thinks*Well it's time to test my theory is it not
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Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
Tadase:Fantastic, put them in the cell.. I'll be there soon. Excellent job
Kairi: Yes sir. Thank you sir *leaves*
IT: you wouldn't!
Tadase: *thinks*Well it's time to test my theory is it not
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
IT: . . .
Tadase: *leaves the room*

Amu: *hears yells and pleas for help coming from the castle gates, and runs towards them*
Nami: Help us!
Nemi: Please!
Nagihiko: *restraining Nami* Shut up!
Kukai: *restrainiing Nemi*
Amu: *turns the corner and sees Nami and Nemi struggling as they are being brought into the castle*
Nemi: *sees Amu* Amu! Help us!
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Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
Nami:Please do something!
Nemi:Dont let them execute us, queen
Amu:*nods sadly and runs into the castle towards King Tadase's and ends up running into Tadase*
Tadase: Ah just the queen I was looking for
(is that right because I have no clue)
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
Amu: why? *thinks* maybe he knows that i'm Amu*
Tadase: Midori..... What are you planning?
Amu: *thinks* Hmmm...* *pretends no idea* What are you talkig about!? *leaves*
Tadase: wait! *holds Amu's hand*
Amu: *no blushing* *stops holding Tadase's hand* will you please stop are you dumb? *serious face*
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