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Tadamu Dreamworld
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
(yep, that's right ^_^)
(I'm being stubborn! I just spent seven minutes typing this up! I'm not removing or editing my post!)

Tadase: Where were you?
Amu: Um, j-just walking around the gardens--
*Kukai and Nagihiko enter the room*
Kukai: We have them, my lord
Tadase: Take them to the execution room, and tell Utau to prepare the equipment. We won't be wasting any time getting rid of these two
Nami and Nemi:
Nagihiko: Yes, my lord
*Kukai and Nagihiko leave with Nemi and Nami*
Amu: *thinks* I'm sorry guys...
Tadase: *grabs Amu by the hand* Let's go Midori. You're going to watch the execution with me, perhaps even help
Amu: W-What?
Tadase: It's our duty as king and queen to get rid of anybody who defies us. If you can't do this then, maybe you aren't worthy after all
Amu: *thinks* Oh no, not again...
IT: Damn you!
Posted 5/8/11
Tadase: keep quiet!
Amu: i-i can't watch them die! *scared*
IT: *grins*
Tadase: you can do it Midori! ^^
Amu: *not blushing* *scared* *thinks* Nami Nemi.... Sorry*
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Posted 5/8/11
(Tadaseamu_ do you understand that IT is the Tadase we know and love from the anime? Therefore he is not sadistic and would be protesting this turn of events rather than grinning? I've noticed IT to be very OOC in your posts.)

Amu: But...I can't!
Tadase: And why not?
IT: Why won't you stop being cruel to Amu-chan?
Tadase: *thinks* I promised not to be cruel to Amu. But this is Midori. There's a difference
IT: I don't see any difference.
Tadase: *thinks* but this is part of the test for the lock, don't you get it?
IT: But I told you, I was probably wrong.
Tadase: But I choose to test it.
Amu: (Meanwhile) *muttering* No...Nami-chan...Nemi-chan...not
*Lock darkens a little bit and Amu falls to the ground, sobbing*
Tadase: What is wrong, my queen.
Amu: N-nothing your majesty. *attempts to wipe tears away*
Tadase: Good.
IT: Can't you see, youre hurting her. You're hurting Amu-chan!
(Time for a IT gaining control?)
Posted 5/8/11
(I second what Meyumi said about IT [that is, Inner Tadase] acting OOC )
(and yep, I reckon it's time he took control for a little while :D)

Tadase: *thinks* So? Is that anything new?
IT: I...I won't stand for this!
Amu: *looking down at the floor*
Tadase: *ignores IT* Midori, you've wasted enough time as it is. Let's g-- *freezes and gasps*
Amu: *looks up*
Tadase: *blinks, then realizes where he is* A-Amu-chan!
Amu: *in a daze* T-Tadase-kun?
Tadase: Yes Amu-chan, it's me! *helps Amu stand*

(so, if no-one else got it, the good Tadase [who is IT] has broken through his evil self's possession and is in control for a brief amount of time)
Posted 5/8/11
[sorry i'm acting a weird yesterday? ]

Amu: *thinks* why Tadase-kun not acting like a cruel thing?*
Tadase: what's wrong Amu-chan?
Amu: no-nothing....
Tadase: Cancel this excution!
Amu: *thinks* what in the world happened?*
Everyone: Huh?
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Posted 5/8/11
( half a chapter for Forever up. But the name is due for a change, and I'm having trouble thinking of one. It's not really about the Guardians as Guardians now, not with the way I decided I'm gonna veer the plot...either way I had a great mothers day. Saw a cousin that I haven't seen for 7 months, and then only briefly talked to. Over a year since an actual conversation and I saw her today! *fangirl squeal*)

Kukai: *shrugs* You heard him, guys. Nagihiko, Tell Utau to stop. I'll get the girls.
Nagihiko: Fine.
Kukai: Wait...where's Nikaidou?
Nagihiko: No clue.
IT: I won't stand for this usurper.
Tadase: *thinks* Usurper? I'm just being myself. Like I ought.
Amu-chan, are you ok?
Amu: *thinks* Wait...I'm Midori now. But Tadase-kun is acting nice. He hasn't since....*shudders remembering Saaya's grisly death*
Tadase: Amu-chan?
Amu: Hai? Oh...*looks away* Why...are you being nice?
Tadase: What?
Amu: You've been...cruel. Why choose now to start acting nice?
*Lock darkens*
IT: Hmm...maybe she will make a better host than you.
Tadase: *thinks* Don't even think about it.
IT: But can you stop me?
Tadase; I'll do all in my power.
Amu: All in your power?
Tadase: Umm...Amu-chan. Gomen. I was talking to...*thinks of ways to try to explain IT*
(And....back to the idea that Amu makes a better host than Tadase, being more beaten down. Use it or ditch it?)
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
(hmm...nice idea. I say we should go with it. The only problem though is, should we make Uru/Dia disappear when all four stones on the Lock go black? [because technically, the four stones represent Amu's charas?])
(ooh, you could call Forever "The Mystery of the Stones"?)

Tadase: other self
Amu: Y-Your other self?
Tadase: *nods* H-He's the one that's been cruel to you, he's been controlling me and hurting you while I watch
. . .
Tadase: Y-You believe me when I say this, don't you Amu-chan?
Amu: *looks down* I...I'm finding it hard to believe you...
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
IT: EHHHHHH!?!?!?!?!
Tadase: shut up!
Amu: *thinks* it's really hard to believe* *walks out*
Tadase: where are you going Amu-chan?
Amu: *ignores*
Tadase: what's wrong....
Amu: Tadase-kun's would be self?
Tadase: Amu-chan!
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Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
(Hmm...maybe she just goes into being X-Dia? Because Kiseki is X-Kiseki and Dia, while being Uru, isn't X'd just controlled. Because wasn't the other charas' eggs' smashed to pieces and that's why they are gone?)

Amu: And besides, why didn't you do anything?
Tadase: I couldn't!
Amu: But obviously you can now so why didn't you do anything then?
Tadase: ...
Amu: *looks up, eyes blazing in anger* Why should I trust you? The last time you were nice to me was...Saaya. I don't want that to happen to Nemi-chan or Nami-chan or anyone else.
Tadase: Amu-chan. I--
*looks lost for a second*
IT: Wait! I had to talk to her.
Tadase: *thinks* Finally. I'm more powerful. I've got power over you. Just because you got in power once doesn't mean anything.
IT: ...
Tadase: *thinks* And now...
*smirks evilly* You're right, Amu.
Amu: Now you're calling me Amu? I didn't give you permission.
Tadase; You were right.
Amu: *startled* I was right?
(1. they are back to normal)
(Took me too long, not redoing. And I don't understand the second half of your post, tadase_amu)
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
(actually, the other charas just disappeared by going back into their eggs. Maybe they got smashed as well, who knows? But ok, I agree with you on Dia going X though)

Amu: What are you talking about?
Tadase: The Tadase you saw was what you might call the "old" Tadase, the one before all this *gestures a hand around the room* happened.
IT: I'm still here you know!
Amu: T-The old Tadase...?
Tadase: He gained control just now, but he won't anymore. *smirks*
IT: I will!
IT: Amu-chan, run!
Tadase: *ignores IT* And even if you know now, it won't make any difference. I still rule this world, and no-one can take that from me. And you *points at Amu* Hinamori Amu, will succumb completely once this Lock *holds up the Lock* fully darkens

(wow, this storyline has been going on for nearly 40 pages xD)
Posted 5/9/11 , edited 5/9/11
Amu: Humpty Lock!
Tadase: now Hinamori Amu what will you do?
Amu: !!!!!!

[Guys if the Lock darkens Then Amu will get Dumpty Key?]
Posted 5/9/11
. . .
Amu: *thinks* T-This isn't Tadase at just can't be
Tadase: . . .
Amu: *takes a step back* *thinks* I-I've gotta get out of here!
Tadase: *thinks* Your attempts are useless. It's not like she can hear you

(actually, we don't know where the Dumpty Key is. I assumed Tadase took it off Ikuto, but other than that I have no idea where it is)
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Posted 5/9/11
(I think we assumed that Tadase took it off Ikuto as well. It plays no significant part in this plot. And wow, that is a long plot. And now to hellfrozeover...)

Tadase: *takes a step towards Amu*\
Amu: *turns and runs*
Tadase: UTAU! Run after her!
X-Kiseki: I'll get her. She should be nearby-she hasn't left for patrols yet.
Tadase: Hurry.
X-Kiseki: Hai.
IT: No.
Tadase: *thinks* You are not in a position to bargain.

Amu: *trips on bad leg...she fell down in the tunnel, remember?* *tries to stand up
*thinks* I gotta keep running. I've got to get out of this nightmare. It's...impossible!

Utau: *goes to Tadase* Your majesty. Which way did she go?
Tadase: That way. *points down passage*
Utau.; I'll catch her. Come on, Eru, Iru, Uru.
Eru, Iru: Hai.
Uru/Dia: ...
Eru&Iru: *follows Utau*
Uru/Dia: *stops in front of Tadase*
Iru: Uru! Come on.
Uru/Dia: ...*doesn't move*
Iru: Fine then!
IT: Is that....?
Tadase: What are you doing, chara. Follow Utau.
Uru/Dia: I can hear the whispers of your heart. 'Let me free' I hope you understand the whispers of mine.
*Lock turns completely black*
*Dia is x'd*
*whole room turns black for a split second*
(Next poster decides if the one controlling Tadase jumps from Tadase to Amu and starts controlling her It's an idea.)
Posted 5/9/11
(oh ok.How will it jump to her? like it leaves Tadase and runs to Amu who is trying to run away??? oooo I'll try that Ok about what I got idk if it makes sense........)

The room is lit up again and Dia/Uru isn't there anymore.
Tadase: The....Lock.. *falls to the ground on his knees*But what did that chara mean?
Tadase: Shut up.She can't hear you. *smirks*
The thing controlling Tadase jumps out of his body and leaves him there.Asleep. It then ran to where Amu was who was trying to get up.

Amu: Augh! My leg.... *curls in a ball and holds onto her leg. and feels a faint feeling which is Dia being X'd and the thing that was once controlling Tadase,is now controlling Amu*
Posted 5/9/11
[Is Amu now getting bad? If Amu-chan is being controlled what Amu-chan gonna do?]

Amu: even i have no use.... I still believe that there is hope! even i'm weakling.... *cries* Bye-bye my would be self..... *closes eyes*
IT: Amu-chan i'm sorry....
Tadase: *evil laughs* HAHAHAHA!!!!!
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