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Tadamu Dreamworld
Posted 5/9/11 , edited 5/9/11
Amu: *opens her eyes again, to reveal that they are completely black*

(not entirely sure where to go with this... is it a good idea that this thing controls Amu for a little while, then goes back to Tadase?)
Posted 5/9/11
[is she hypnotized by Tadase? & going back to a maid??? or Tadase will kill her?]

Amu: huh? where am i? what in the world happen?
Tadase: is she awake?
Kukai: Yes your majesty...

[I'll edit this if you want to change the story]
Posted 5/10/11
[ No no it's good.]

Amu: Where am I?
Tadase: You were laying on the ground...
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Posted 5/10/11
(Okay, I'm confused as to where you went with this...and Aimz that's a good idea. But we've got to think of a reason why. And do will do Amu and IA (Inner Amu)? What happened is that the entity that was keeping Tadase from his own body and controlling him has now control of Amu instead. So it's just the same character type as the one who was Tadase and the current Tadase is the one who was IT.)

Amu: Laying on the ground? And reason?
Tadase: I'm...not sure. Are you okay Amu-chan?
Amu: I'm fine.
IA: WHAT THE HECK! *spazzes* ( Necessary.)
Amu: *thinks* Oh. She's still here too. Pity.
IA: ...what? Still here? Too? What's going on?
Amu: *stands up and brushes imaginary dirt off her* Come on. Let's go.
Tadase: Okay...?
*thinks* Amu is sure acting strange...
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Posted 5/10/11
(*really confused* )
Amu:King Hotori...
Tadase: Uh yes Amu chan
Amu:*turns and smirks at Tadase* Things here are going to change
IA:I can't control my body...
(is that ok because, again, I'm confused)
Posted 5/10/11
(Yeah, I got confused too. Hmm... how about this entity controls Amu for a while since she is at her weakest, and then it gets bored and goes back to Tadase, telling him that "he can continue torturing her." I don't know )

IA: What's going on!?
Amu: *thinks* Quiet you.
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Posted 5/10/11
(Maybe. This IA and Amu could be a little amusing for a time, and it's a change in the plot a bit.)

IA: Who are you?
Amu: *thinks* Simply you. Well for now anyway.
IA: What do you mean by that.
Amu: *thinks* I'll argue with you later, if I feel like it. But I'm in control and you just get to watch everything I do. Like a movie.
IA: I don't like the sound of that...
Tadase: Huh?
Amu: I said. Things are gonna chnage around here. There is a new queen right? *smirks* So we'll all have to get accomidated to that, now don't we.
Tadase: Uhh...sure?
*thinks* Now I'm sure somethings up with Amu-chan.
Amu: *thinks* relax. no one can hear you.
Posted 5/10/11

IA: Someone has to! Anyone!
Amu: *ignores IA* Hmm...what should I do first...?
Tadase: *thinks* I wonder...wait, I feel different now. Like some weight has lifted off my chest...
Posted 5/10/11 , edited 5/10/11
IA: What is going on!?
Tadase: *thinks* What's happening to Amu-chan?
Amu: should we go?
Tadase: su-sure...

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Posted 5/10/11
(Except that the current tadase is IT. The Tadase that was Tadase is now Amu and the one who was Amu is now IA.)

Tadase: *thinks* So this isn't her...but what do I do about it.
*follows Amu*
Amu: *thinks* Hmm...this could get interesting.
IA: *has major freak out session*
Posted 5/10/11
[Edited My 217 CR post]

Tadase: *thinks* Why she is saying Interesting???*
Amu: huh? *sees Tadase* nani? Tadase-kun?
Posted 5/10/11 , edited 5/11/11
Amu: Did you say something?
Tadase: N-No...
*Hikaru comes running in*
Hikaru: King, Queen. The public have been causing a commotion outside the castle gates
Amu: Commotion?
Hikaru: *nods* There is a huge group of them outside, led by a girl in a cat costume. From what I can make out from their protests, they want his *points at Tadase* head
Amu: *thinks* They want to kill him, hm? *smirks inwardly*

Posted 5/11/11
IA: kill Tadase-kun!?
Amu: let's go Tadase-kun!
Tadase: su-sure... *runs To Castle Gate*

[I'll edit this if you don't like it...]
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Posted 5/11/11
IA: Don't let them kill him!
Amu: *thinks* Why shouldn't I. He's been making your life hell after all.
IA: That wasn't him.
Amu: *thinks* Ah yes it was. But if you really want to save him...
IA: Why do I have a bad feeling about this?
Amu: Hello people. What do you want?
Chiyoko: GET THE KING! (Chiyoko aka Cat Costume Girl)
Posted 5/11/11
IA: get the king!?
Amu: *thinks* Should i say yes?
IA: Obviously..... NO!
Amu: Ummmm....
Kukai: stay back! your majesty....

[i'll edit this if you don't want]
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