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Tadamu Dreamworld
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Posted 5/11/11
(It's fine.)

Tadase: What's going on?
Chiyoko: You're cruel, that's what.
Tadase: Cruel...?
IA: The real Tadase isn't cruel.
Amu: *thinks* True, But they don't knwo the real situation.
Posted 5/12/11
IA: your right.... how do we change the situation...?
Amu: just think!
Chiyoko: Get them people!
Tadase: oh no..... Okay listen up!, I'll lead the Kingdom again....I'll restart...
Chiyoko: how do we trust you!? Your cruel!

[i'll edit my post if you don't want]
Posted 5/12/11
(i haven't been on in forever.Ahh it's good to be back.I was kinda caught up playing Saeko in RPGS now i'm back.After this post how about a posting order??)
Tadase: *thinks* oh that's right......I was cruel..I even killed Sayaa(was that her name??)
Amu: Tadase-kun?
Tadase: What?
Amu: Let's just run inside.I'm scared.*holds on to Tadase*
Amu::*thinks* Shut up.
IA: .........
Tadase: *blushes* Umm ok A-A-amu-chan.Your right.Let's go inside.*thinking* This is sooo not Amu-chan.....
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Posted 5/12/11
(We don't need a posting order-only when 3+ people are on at the same time. Anyway...I'm probably gonna be posting less and shorter until the advent of June. Why? Stupid school...)

*Amu+Tadase run inside*
IA: What are you doing?
Amu: *thinks* What I want to do.
IA: But this isn't me! You're not me!
Amu: *thinks* BUt that's where you're wrong. I am you. (Sound familiar?)
IA: W-W-WHAT??? *starts freaking out*
AMu: *thinks* *facepalm*
Posted 5/12/11
( oh that's right..... i might be posting less i just remembered. i goin to New York.............. )

Tadase: *sees Amu do face palm* Amu-chan?
Amu: Huh?
Tadase: O.o
IA: ..........

(writers block.. i just got back from school so my mind is lazy...........)
Posted 5/12/11 , edited 5/12/11
Amu: What?
Tadase: Nothing...
Amu: *thinks* You're boring. Maybe I should go back into Tadase
IA: Yes! Please do! Wait a! Don't! You'll just cause more trouble!
Amu: *thinks* More trouble for you and him
*a black glow surrounds Amu*
Tadase: Amu-chan?
*the black glow leaves Amu and manifests into an orb of black light above her. The darkness fades from Amu's eyes and she faints*
Tadase: Amu-chan!
*the black light orb moves closer to Tadase*
Tadase: *steps back* N-No...please don't take over me again...
*Chiyoko and her group of people can be heard outside the castle doors, yelling and banging on the doors*

(I'm going to be on less as well til June, since I've got exams at the end of May )
Posted 5/12/11
People: Hey!!!!! *noises*
Tadase: *shocks* Chiyoko & the others are coming!

[Hey what should i type next? ]
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Posted 5/12/11
*black orb suspends in midair between Amu and Tadase*
*black orb speaks* Which victim shall I choose?
Amu: W-what are you?
Tadase: I'd like to know the same.
Posted 5/12/11
[*Thinks* what should i type????]

Black Orb: What do you think???
Tadase: Spirit???
Amu: I think it's an orb....

[i'll edit if you don't like my post...]
Posted 5/13/11
Black orb: You don't need to know where I come from
Chiyoko: *banging on the door* Let us in, you cruel phony!
Tadase: P-Please... I just want this to end
Black orb: No, this won't end. This is what you wanted
Amu: How can you say that?! The real Tadase is not like what you made him!
Tadase: Amu-chan...
Posted 5/13/11
Amu: right Tadase-kun?
Tadase: Amu-chan...
Chiyoko: Everyone get some Trunk of a tree!
People: Hai! *runs to forest*

. . . .
Black Orb: That's enough!
Amu & Tadase:

[I'll edit the post if you don't want it. Hey which Black Orb will merge? to Amu or Tadase?]
Posted 5/13/11 , edited 5/13/11
(Tadase, since this orb thing is his xD)

Black orb: *moves closer to Tadase*
Amu: *steps in front of Tadase* I won't let you take over him again!
Black orb: *moves around Amu and touches Tadase body*
Tadase: *yells out in pain*
Amu: Tadase-kun!
*there is a flash of dark light, and the orb disappears*
Tadase: *falls to his knees, holding his head*
Amu: Tadase-kun! *runs over to him*
Tadase: *mutters to himself* I...I won't let this...
Amu: That's it Tadase! Fight it! Don't give in to the darkness!

Chiyoko and people: *all holding a big fallen tree trunk*
Chiyoko: Ready everyone? Charrrrrrrge!
Posted 5/13/11
Amu: Oh no what am i going to do... Tadase-kun fight it! No i mean... TADASE!!!! *shining eyes w/ watery tears*
Tadase: *shocks* Amu-chan.... Tsk! *Fights Black Orb*
Chiyoko: There one more CHARGE!
Amu: OH NO..... This is all your fault *points to Black Orb* I HATE YOU! 5x

[Edit this if you don't like. Hey guys if Chiyoko comes what Amu-chan will do?]
Posted 5/13/11
[ IDK ]

Chiyoko: AGAIN! CHARGE! *hits the door and it bursts open* YES! INVADE! INVADE! INVADE! *runs in the castle*

. . . . . . . . .

Amu: Oh no,oh no,oh no. What do I do?! *hears thousands of heavy foot steps*Chiyoko-chan is coming! Fight it Tadase-kun!!
Tadase: Tsk......*keeps fighting the orb*
Black Orb: Ohohohohoho! You can't do anything! What will you do now?
Amu: Tadase!!!!! *teary*
Tadase: *sees Amu crying* I....MUST...FIGHT....IT!!!!

[ edi t if u no like this...]
Posted 5/13/11
Tadase: *shocks* Tsk! DAMN IT!

*footsteps begining to get louder....*
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