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Tadamu Dreamworld
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20 / F / Right behind you
Posted 5/13/11
Amu: *thinks* What do I do, what do I do...
Tadase! Fight it! I believe in you!
Orb: Believing in people is nothing. It's just a ploy to make you feel better about yourself.
Amu: NO! Believing in others is a precious gift.
Tadase: *brightens up a bit then falls down fighting hard as ever* Amu-chan...if I fail, will you forgive me?
Amu: What?
Tadase: If I fail...
Amu: Don't fail! You can do it!
*footsteps end and Chiyoko is at the end of the hallway. Amu gets up and puts her arms out in front of the unmoving Tadase*
Posted 5/13/11

(i gtg ill b back tomorrow nighty night )
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20 / F / Right behind you
Posted 5/13/11
Chiyoko: *charges*
Amu: *shuts eyes*
Tadase: *still fighting Orb* No...
Posted 5/13/11
[This is really getting a little awkward -_____- I dunno to type Hey can i add white orb? XD]

Black Orb: HAHAHA!!!
Amu: *Watery eyes* Why...? What is the reason!? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?!?!?!?!
Black Orb: *shocks*
Tadase: Amu-chan....
Amu: Answer me.... ANSWER ME!
Black Orb: . . . .
Posted 5/13/11 , edited 5/13/11
(this game is weird...)
(and I thought the orb went into Tadase, so it wouldn't be talking as an orb anymore...ah well)

Tadase: * loses the battle and his eyes go dark*
Amu: Oh no...
Chiyoko: *running towards them*
Tadase: *stands up, and pushes Amu out of the way*
IT: Don't do that to Amu-chan!
Tadase: *thinks* I'll do whatever I want
Amu: Tadase...I don't know if you can hear me, but please, don't give up fighting...
Tadase: *ignores Amu and glares at the fast-approaching Chiyoko*
Chiyoko: You're going to pay for everything you've done!
Tadase: Actually, you're going to pay for your defiance, commoner!
Amu: *thinks* Chiyoko... Get out of here while you still can...
Tadase: *looks around and finds X-Kiseki* Kiseki! Chara-nari!
X-Kiseki: *flies over to Tadase* Right!
*Tadase and X-Kiseki chara-nari*
Posted 5/13/11 , edited 5/13/11
Amu: Chiyoko... *thinks* I promised to myself that i protect everyone even i don't know who i am....
IT: Stop it!
Chiyoko: You!!!!! Prepare you self!
Tadase: same to you!

Suddenly very bright light comes....
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20 / F / Right behind you
Posted 5/13/11
The Humpty Lock was glowing. It floated over to Amu, who took it in hand. suddenly, an even brighter light came into existence.

Amu: Charanari Amulet Dia.
Stop this now, you guys!
Posted 5/13/11
Tadase & Chiyoko: *shocks* *looks to Amu*
Amu: Orb you want to rule this Kingdom but.... You haved failed to rule it...Because you are cruel so People despites you....
IT: that's it Amu-chan!
DIa: I can hear it Tadase-kun is happy...
Amu: Really? *smirks*

*Very bright light comes to Tadase*
Posted 5/13/11 , edited 5/13/11
*a bright egg-shaped orb forms in Tadase's hands*
Tadase: The...Embryo... heh *smirks*

(remember, Tadase had the Embryo inside of him from the very beginning of this storyline. That's why this makes sense... Anyway, let's finish this story, right guys? That's the impression I got anyway)
Posted 5/13/11
[Right! XD]

Amu: what does that Black orb wish....?
[i dunno what to type so guys finish it XD]
Posted 5/13/11 , edited 5/14/11
Amu: *thinks* Oh no... What if it makes things worse?
Dia: Amu-chan! You have to get the Embryo away from him!
Chiyoko: *stops running*
Tadase: Embryo, go back inside of me...
IT: No! I don't want this to go on!
Tadase: *thinks* And you would prefer me to make another wish on it? Like...kill Amu?
IT: No!
*while Tadase and IT are conflicting via mind...*
Amu: Shooting Star Shower! *sends a star shower towards Tadase*
Tadase: Ah! *holds an arm up to shield himself from the brightness, but in turn let's go of the Embryo*
Embryo: *starts to float away*
Amu: *runs forward and grabs the Embryo before it goes far*
IT: Amu-chan! Make a wish!
Tadase: What? *sees that Amu has the Embryo* No! *tries to grab the Embryo from Amu*
Amu: *flies up towards the high ceiling, Embryo in hand*
Dia: Quick Amu-chan! Wish!
Amu: But I need to be careful how I say it...
Tadase: *scepter appears in his hand, and he points it at Amu and fires dark energy at her*
Amu: Ah! *dodges the attack*
Chiyoko: *watching*
Amu: *flies around, dodging Tadase's attacks* ...I know what I'm going to say now!
Dia: Hurry Amu-chan!
Tadase: *keeps firing attacks at Amu* Do I need to demote you back to maid, Midori? *smirks*
Amu: *mutters* This evil must end... *holds the Embryo to her heart* I wish that Tadase-kun was back to normal, and that he never ruled this world!
*the Embryo reacts to the wish*
Amu: *gets hit by a blast of dark energy from Tadase, and crashes down to the ground*
IT: Yes!
*as the Embryo glows, the scenery surrounding them literally starts to break away, revealing a normal world underneath*
Tadase: can't take this away from me!

(*dusts hands in satisfaction* And that's the end of that chapter... Or is it? )
Posted 5/14/11 , edited 5/14/11
Chiyoko: *runs to Amu* Amu-chan are you alright!? Answer me please! AMU-CHANNN!!!!! *watery eyes*

*Tadase is normal again*
Tadase: Amu-chan! *tries to get near to Amu...*
Chiyoko: what have you done to her!
Amu: *tries to wake up...* Chiyoko... Tadase-kun don't worry everything is fine now....
Chiyoko & Tadase: but you! you are not okay!
Amu: I'm okay... *closes eyes*
Tadase: AMU-CHANNNN!!!!!!!!!
Chiyoko: thank you for all that you have made to us Amu-chan... it's time to Repay we will save you! right people?
People: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 5/14/11
Chiyoko: Let's take her to the hospital!!
People: We should!
Tadase: A-amu-chan.....*picks her up and runs to the hospital*
( u can edit... i just woke up so idk if this will work...)

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20 / F / Right behind you
Posted 5/14/11
(But Aimz never got rid of Black Orb...just away from Tadase. Want to go off that? Or have we had enough?)

Amu: *wakes up in starchy white room* Huh?
Posted 5/14/11
( Should we have Ikuto come in?)
Amu: Where am I? *trys to sit up strait then hears a voice*
???: Stay laying down You just woke up.
Amu: Ikuto?
Ikuto: Amu..It's good that you're ok.
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