photoshop avii help 2
Posted 10/5/09 , edited 10/6/09
how to make this to this

to this

#1open photoshop

#2 drag any other pic into photoshop

delete the pic with lasso untill u have a blank page

#4then use your pattern stamp cover the white on the page

#5 put the page ur working on down aside and now lets work on the pic same as the help before delete the parts u dont need with lasso till u get ur pic like this

#6 use quick selection tool to select the character after that done drag ur pic in to ur blank purple page it could be any color after that wait a bit u dont want to make ur photoshop froze so take ur time after that delet the extraparts u got that u dont need ther u have it

#7 after u done doing that u will have to delet the extra parts after that u will have to paint the same color with ur paint brush at the top then use patch tool at the part u painted and make sure ur patch tool bar is source this is how it looks like look for it also let continue

then after when ur done it will loke like this

#8 after all that now u just fool around with ur paint brushes see what u can make *note all the extras things in the pic are brushes to make the same ribins u will just have to draw it out with a paint brush and the other brushes u will have to download it in the net for free i will put up that site soon all the other stuff u all ready know because u looked at the 1 help

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