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Josh (2000)

Josh is about two rival gangs - The "Eagles" lead by Max (Shah Rukh Khan) and the "Bichho" led by Prakash (Sharad Kapoor have divided the city. It's a war for territory. Because the Bichho are new in town, Prakash is consumed with growing their territory. Max is the Vasco "Fonz". Then there is Shirley (Aishwarya Rai) Max's twin sister. Unsurprisingly, Max is possessive about his sister, and thoroughly beats anyone who even dare look at her. At the same time, Shirley also enjoys having her admirers being bullied by Max. Enter Rahul (Chandarchur Singh), Prakash's city slick brother from Mumbai. Because Rahul is Prakash's brother, Max works hard to make his stay in Vasco an uncomfortable one. Rahul, a sensible guy, disagrees with the violence the two gangs resort to, and tries very hard to end the enmity. But, he fails. At the same time Rahul falls hopelessly in love with Shirley. At first Shirley does not respond to his love, but slowly the power of his long eyelashes and his double chin win her heart. The gang problems multiply when Max finds out that Rahul loves his sister. His solution: kill Rahul. From then on, there are a number of 'incidents', but the ending is happy.
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