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White Album added to the Fall Lineup
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Limitless Fortres...
Posted 10/14/09

kadmos1 wrote:

Thank you CR. This is not a yuri/shoujo-ai. It's a drama and eroge based harem anime like Kanon 2006.

... like CR doesn't have enough of those eroge-harem throwaways. I guess all the good stuff the Japanese are hoping to license for DVD or will simulcast on the upcoming Funimation streaming site, so CR gets all the loli, moe and ecchi-harem garbage that they figure they can't sell to a higher profile distributor.

---Plus the small issue that most of the fall season in Japan this year is crap.
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Posted 11/1/09
This si a really good series, it's got the right balance of music and drama to make it actually INTERESTING.
Posted 11/3/09
Oh la la la...a good reason to log into CR from time to time.
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Posted 12/4/09
Season 2 is very dramtic -looks like thier going for the nice boat ..

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