Afrow_Warrior_Sukotto and azu71 possibly dead.
Posted 10/11/09 , edited 10/11/09
azu71 told me that he and Afrow_Warrior_Sukotto were involved in a street fight against hooded strangers not long ago and that Afrow is dead. azu told me this as he was "bleeding to death from a stab wound in the hand" at his computer at home. The chat I had with him is below. I am not kidding around, everyone!

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azu71: yo
Chthulhu: im here
azu71: welcome
Chthulhu: so what happened man?
Chthulhu: ....
azu71: ok we were walking down the street and so dudes in hoods just came up to us and wanted to fight i couldn't tell if they we're black or white i had a bad feeling about it so i told him lets go but he was being scott so we fought
Chthulhu: damn
azu71: srry if i type slow today my right hand is injuryed
Chthulhu: i understand
Chthulhu: and this happened where? city? state?
azu71: thank satan im left handed lol but we fouht them and they had some weird as weapons on them man
Chthulhu: that is messed up, i am sorry for all this shit
azu71: there is no reason to be srry
Chthulhu: sorrow is what i feel
Chthulhu: feeling bad
azu71: you shouldn't this guys were fast man i saved scott the first time from death but the second time
Chthulhu: I will give tribute to scott. I will buy some liquor and poor it on the soil for him
azu71: i weight 270 pounds and all musle i only have 2% of body fat
azu71: thanx man
azu71: fucking guy kicked me across the road
Chthulhu: No one reaches their end without the taste of good liquor on their lips
azu71: yea
azu71: brb my hand is bleeding again
Chthulhu: ok
azu71: srry had to wrap my hand again
Chthulhu: we might need to set up a group in scotts memory
Chthulhu: I even made him a mod in my new group Hexensabbat and offered him a position in my band
azu71: there is no need to me and him and seven more other had an agreement that we are memorys of noone
Chthulhu: I see. that is fine
azu71: so in this agree ment we have no reason to exist , i lost so much blood already i've got stabed in the hand before but no threw it i lost so much blood
Chthulhu: this rips me up inside. if somehow i was there, though i couldnt have been, i would have shot those motherfuckers who killed scott
Chthulhu: are you going to be okay man?
azu71: they wern't human if he can kick me across the street like a ball
azu71: you im tired as shit though
azu71: yea srry not you
azu71: typo
Chthulhu: damn. people can fuck some shit up if they are well conditioned enough
Chthulhu: they might have been yakuza
Chthulhu: triads maybe
azu71: there skin color was very dark greyiish i though it was there gloves but when he stabed me with that knife i pushed his sleeve up
azu71: and he was cold but strong as shit
Chthulhu: likely southeast asian
Chthulhu: it is hard to say
Chthulhu: we dont know what lurks out there
Chthulhu: trained as hell im sure they were, but not bulletproof
azu71: yea we can only watch sometimes
Chthulhu: damn
azu71: lol yea man i wish i could kick 270 pounds across the street
Chthulhu: i knew a kid that had problems and he was a damn good skater. he killed himself years ago her ein Brigham City. his name was Daniel
Chthulhu: we called him Mono spanish for monkey
azu71: damn dude that sux
Chthulhu: it was a shit deal
azu71: cool nick name
Chthulhu: there is not much crime here thankfully. if you go toi Ogden though it gets hellish
Chthulhu: Salt Lake is a bastard too
Chthulhu: there is black mafia there
azu71: it's not really anyone out here this was just random
azu71: thats gay
Chthulhu: lol it makes me wonder sometimes the shit people are capable of
azu71: yes it makes me hungry for power but my sin turned on me now i slowly die getting colder i'll stay online though as long as i can
azu71: but can't help the fact that some one is stronger than me
Chthulhu: this is freaked out, get your shit together. zombies? no not possible. just some crazy bastards
azu71: yea man they didn't try to eat me but wtf was with this power
Chthulhu: our bodies can inflict huge damage when pumped up on adrenaline
Chthulhu: we can move tons of weight like a feather
azu71: yea but when it stops we suck this guy did not break a sweat kicking me or didn
azu71: care about stabing me
Chthulhu: there are some dirty fuckers out there that dont
Chthulhu: it is beyong my knowledge what they were and this whole thing is insane
Chthulhu: we fight and risk death but against people with dark, grey skin and a cold touch. wtf
azu71: the first two were very weak but the leader wanted us to join him but he declined he had so much power so skinney so i thought hey im gunna fuck you up
azu71: yea it was like if i put my finger on dry ice
Chthulhu: did they have accents?
azu71: no he talk like us
Chthulhu: did you do drugs at all? psychedelics?
Chthulhu: i am not here to judge
azu71: no all i can remeber the last words for this guy is sortic or some weird shit like that
azu71: but we don't do drugs
Chthulhu: oh
Chthulhu: cold and very strong. what was the temperature outside when this happened?
Chthulhu: do you have an MSN and a web cam?
azu71: i dunno the wind was blowing a cold nice breeze and thenn it stoped
Chthulhu: weird
azu71: no i can't even get my web can if i get up i fall
Chthulhu: fuck
Chthulhu: ill stick with you
azu71: if i don't talk for a while it's over
Chthulhu: you dont know anyone that can help you?
Chthulhu: no phone?
Chthulhu: nothing?
azu71: i can't let anyone help me
Chthulhu: bullshit
azu71: when we made this rule we are memorys of noone i can't let them have memory of me
Chthulhu: there is no sin, so get some help. or maybe i dont understand the situation fully and you are tied up in some very risky business
azu71: plus i told you i can't go any where
Chthulhu: damnit
azu71: i'll just fall
Chthulhu: my head is not accepting this fully but okay I will at least be here
Chthulhu: no one should suffer alone
azu71: that cool man but can i ask a question
Chthulhu: yeah?
azu71: we do you care if i stay alive you barly know me plus you never met me
azu71: why
azu71: sorry
Chthulhu: I do not care if i have never met you
Chthulhu: it is not my place to judge
Chthulhu: we all have our own paths in life
azu71: tru
Chthulhu: you can still keep going if you want to badly enough
azu71: what do you mean
Chthulhu: if you want ot live, fight for it
Chthulhu: crawl if oyu have to
azu71: my life is just a toll for me to fight with but i've lost i should die where i sit im so pathetic
Chthulhu: fuck that FIGHT GODDAMNIT
azu71: i can't even move my arm 3 of my tendings are ripped and im getting cold there is no reason and on top of that the real pain is the i fail to save one of th closet things to me
Chthulhu: fuck man
Chthulhu: i beleive you now 100%
azu71: thnx man
Chthulhu: you will ahve not died in vain
azu71: true im gunna try to get up and clean up this puttle i never knew blood had a scent
Chthulhu: nor will Scott
azu71: he has not
Chthulhu: blood smells like copper, it has value
azu71: i wish it wasn't so damn sticky and cold
Chthulhu: yeah you're not lying to me are you
azu71: you can believe me or not i could care less
azu71: srry to sound rude to you man but thats the way we roll
Chthulhu: if you are dying, then there is no need to apologize
Chthulhu: all is forgiven after death
Chthulhu: where is Scott now?
azu71: and if i am lying im dying any way scott is where he wanted to be
Chthulhu: i see. you will join him in the great journey beyond life
Chthulhu: and I will see you and him there some day
azu71: hey can you do me a favor
Chthulhu: sure
azu71: forget us
Chthulhu: i cant guarantee that unlees some force makes me do it
Chthulhu: i will keep this memory to myself
azu71: im not forcing you i don't even know if this is reality or a dream at the time
Chthulhu: almost no one would believe me if i told them. bloodloss alters your state of mind
azu71: but my life has no place for memory the only thing i regret is being here died when my girl gets home
azu71: does it
Chthulhu: she may arive to save you
Chthulhu: just hang on
azu71: lmao shit it hurt to laugh but it's so funny
Chthulhu: death is strong, but you must be stronger
azu71: tru
Chthulhu: i made scott laugh at times too even when his ribs hurt from sparring
azu71: yea but i have to tell you something man
Chthulhu: what
Chthulhu: you there?
azu71: when i awoke i was on the couch but no one was around i think he is dead but if not i will be the first to die also i was wrap up on my hand if he is still alive he went after them but that would be impoosible
azu71: he got stab threw his lung
Chthulhu: if he is alive, he made them pay
Chthulhu: if he is dead, there is nothing to worry about anymore. his honor is not blemished
Chthulhu: those murdering pigs will receive their punishment
azu71: but still he got stabed trew the lung a saw him hit the ground and everythimg man
Chthulhu: then he is in a better place.
azu71: yes but i was put on my couch be some one and him and those weird grey dude are the only one who can pick me up
Chthulhu: he was Norse like me. he will feast in Valhalla forever
Chthulhu: you likely went home in a daze and layed down
Chthulhu: it is at least good to be home in one's final moments
Chthulhu: to smoke the last cigarrette and greet the Reaper with a smile on your face
Chthulhu: are you still with me man?
azu71: yea srry doesed off for a sec man my bad
azu71: the see the reaper would be an honor
Chthulhu: you can hang on if you like. but if you must go, then do not linger here. Scott needs his friend to back him up.
Chthulhu: homies to the end and after
azu71: lol yea man im so tired to i think i herd the front door it might be my gf
Chthulhu: like i told you, you will live
azu71: you deserve to kno my age man
azu71: it's 16 not twenty
Chthulhu: you are too young to be in situations like this
azu71: don't give me that man
azu71: i hate to be looked down upon
Chthulhu: and there are younger people still who do
Chthulhu: i am not looking sown on you
Chthulhu: down!
Chthulhu: ~
Chthulhu: is your gf there?
azu71: no i was just imaging things it's better this way
Chthulhu: i see thst is what our minds do for us
azu71: shit man i can't even stay awake i wish i could tell her i love here and yet i still don't understand thi emotion
Chthulhu: write a final note to her that you love her
azu71: no paper lol but hold on i'll try to write it in blood
Chthulhu: good idea
azu71: i wanna close my eyes but i kno im gunna pass
Chthulhu: if oyu fear death, it will not greet you warmly
azu71: i don't fear it i just wanna tell her face to face
Chthulhu: i would to man
azu71: my tears are so cold im gunna go to sleep man
Chthulhu: be at peace
Chthulhu: may Lucifer guide you
azu71 has left the room.

Please do not take this lightly!!! I am posting this as an emergency! I do not joke around with maters like this! I spoke to him as I did because how else do you talk to a dying and delirious man??? I am not sure of what else to do.
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