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Personal Code of Ethics
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Posted 10/11/09
Do you have a personal Code Of Ethics? If you don't know what it is, it's something like a rule you've made for yourself a rule that you follow respectfully. (something like that i can't explain well >__>)
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Posted 10/11/09
yes, i do.!

1. love yourself above others.
2. if others hurt you, cry & get even (if possible). then go back to #1.
3. you dont need to explain yourself to other people cause your friends dont need it, and your enemies wont believe it.
4. DONT FLAME, SWEAR AND CUSS in a regular basis for no valid reason because that makes you a low human. (c'mon, people do flaming, swearing and cussing as a habit!)
5. Act as a diplomat, always.

i know it should be code of ETHICS. so, it must be right from wrong. but those things above are personally the rights for me. if you dont like it, leave it.
Posted 10/11/09
^ her answer
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24 / F / Upstate NY
Posted 10/11/09
No, nothing that I've actually written out XD
I just have standards that I force myself to live up to (:
Like... uhh... well, the "golden rule" LMAO. I treat others the way that I would want to be treated (:
I don't change myself in order to fit in with everyone else, even if that means isolation for me...
I also stay neutral in almost every situation, arguments are almost always pointless.

that's all I can think of. Haha
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22 / F / look under your bed
Posted 10/11/09
-forgive and forget
-be open-minded
-if someone says hi, say hi back, even if you don't know them
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18 / M / yamaku
Posted 10/11/09
I believe if you're ever going to interrupt someone that you should start with "Eyyo I'm real happy for you but...". It's just more polite when you say that
Posted 10/11/09 , edited 10/11/09
Whatever I know is right due to what I believe in.
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M / Crapsack World
Posted 10/11/09
"True eternity is one where the observer doesn't change and the object that is observed doesn't change either."

This is a quote from Kara no Kyoukai which becomes my ethics on observation.
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F / Youtube!
Posted 10/15/09
Not really, I just find it very difficult to be a horrible person

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35 / M / TN, USA
Posted 10/15/09
mmhmm. My code of ethics is all about empathy:

I ask myself "If I was in their shoes, how would I want to be treated?"

As long as they try to show me the same amount of respect, that works, but if they show they are undeserving of that respect, well then I feel like I'm not obligated to show them any further kindness until they earn it back.
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32 / F / Wilson, NC
Posted 10/16/09
My Code of Ethics is to be nice to people, even if they're mean to me.
Posted 10/16/09 , edited 10/16/09

My personal Code of Ethics

1. Do good, in all things
2. Honor, Pride, Self-Dignity towards myself and others must be valued among all
3. Equality (there are some exceptions though)
4. An eye for an eye
5. Never force one's ideals to others
6. Never have relationship to women below or above age range (1 to 2 years younger, below that you are either considered a runt or a brat. Sex is a different story though.)
7. Never have relationship with women whose height are taller than you... (must be 1 to 2 inch shorter than me)
8. Ignorance is a sin
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F / Heaven
Posted 10/16/09
DC's Personal Code Of Ethics:

1. Don't lie if you don't like being lied to
2. Take life as it comes
3. If you keep living in a dream world, reality will eventually slap you in the face
4. Always expect the unexpected
5. Always try to forgive (I fail at this - I like revenge )
6. Trust is a double edged blade
7. If you put your heart into it, you can do anything
8. Keep you friends close and enemies closer

Might have others =/
Posted 10/16/09
1. Never love another person (and no I haven't had a bad experience)
2. Always love music
3. Help other people who need it
4. Comfort others
5. Never give up (unless it has been like a year or 2 of doing whatever XD)
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F / the land of fish,...
Posted 11/9/09
1. Steer clear of drugs and cigarettes.
2. Be a good friend
3. Be there to support my mum
4. Find someone I can be truly honest with
5. Think how something can benefit myself
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