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23 / F / california
Posted 10/12/09
Very easy and simple^^
You just need to ask a question and other will answer yes or no

EX: PER1: Do you like her?
- PER2: NO
So.. do you like me ?

-per 1: ........................

Have fun!

I'll start
Do you like K-pop ?
Posted 10/13/09

Do you like manga?
Posted 10/13/09
No I don`t...

Do you like the group?
Posted 10/16/09
yes i do!

Do you like to watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn?
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25 / M / Somewhere quiet a...
Posted 10/25/09
yes i do

do you like sweets
Posted 10/25/09
Sure I do

Do you like hentai,yaoi.....ect. ?
Posted 1/17/10
i kinda like it

do you like strawberry pocky?
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