CR New Lineup Of Anime and Dramas.
Posted 10/14/09 , edited 10/14/09
Okay here's the deal, you probably already might know that Crunchyroll (CR) has all these new lineups of anime/manga and some dramas I think. But, some of them start on season 2, except starting on season 1. For some people it might get really complicated at some points, The storyline might seem a bit strange for CR users to understand what's going on. Some of the thing's I've heard from other CR users about the season 1 were "Well, there are some websites that do provide some videos of (name of anime/manga) season 1." I was wondering how you guys(All users of CR) felt about it, and if you liked it or hate it.
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Posted 10/14/09
Pretty sure he wants a list to bootleg versions of anime that CR only has season 2 of.
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Posted 10/16/09
Close this tread. This should be in anime or drama section. I don't care where you put it.
It should be in anime or drama section, dude.

And why should we discuss about this?
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Posted 10/17/09
No effing way! That suuuuuuuuuuuucks! But you know whats worse? When people start up insignificant and obscure threads. AND YOU KNOW WHATS WORST?! When they start em up in the wrong section... -_-

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