Nintendo DSi TV App
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Posted 10/16/09 , edited 10/16/09
Okay, so I just learned that the DSi supports a TV tuner App but is Japanese exclusive. I thought this was a news flash since i just learned it today after stumbbeling upon it on youtube. Anyways, do you think it will be released here in America in the near future? Also would it be a deciding factor in buying a DSi later? I mean the DSi is basically an Ipod with a crappy camera. Do you think the DS will be able to have a App that will support video? I mean why not because it can support an SD card now.
Posted 10/16/09 , edited 10/17/09
If it dosn't have a GBA slot I'm not buying it.
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Posted 10/22/09 , edited 10/23/09
TV tuner? wow
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Posted 12/7/09 , edited 12/8/09
Uhg, those darn Japanese. Good thing I still have my PHAT DS XD
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Posted 9/7/10 , edited 9/7/10
Lol stumbleupon rules, that sounds pretty interesting.
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Posted 9/14/10 , edited 9/15/10
not fecking happening... Americans have the tendency to screw it all up... major examples are not making more anime games... such as DON and jump superstars into america, or the mahou sensei negima games... or hell even more gundam games... or taking OUT parts from the games like Megaman battle network, Zero, ZX, ZX advent, Starforce....
there where "toys" for those games that went into the game system to give it a more realistic feel (gate card chip, "transers", etc) but noooo.... they allwasys go and say "hey... let's feck with this guys and leave the cool stuff to the japs".... fecking idiots... I should buy their stocks and fecking fire their arses and bring the gud stuff over here... let me hear a hai~desu over here XD
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