shojo manga princes vs. delinquents
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Posted 10/17/09
this is regarding most shojo manga that includes themes of 'hottest guy in school' and 'the school prince'
i don't know about ya'll but i just can't stand those kind of characters.
i'm pretty experienced in reading loads of shojo manga, some that has plot and good character formation, some that doesn't.

well, we all know how the school 'prince' should be
polite to everybody
good at everything - sports, academics... EVERYTHING
the only good guy
probably the most handsomest of all

there are also the 'wolf-in-sheep's-clothing princes'
those that act all innocent and kind
when actually he's a devil without showing mercy
impeccable (repeat)

doesn't anyone here prefer the good delinquents? the guys that girls don't really go after?
basically, i prefer zero over kaname(vampre knight), ikuto over tadase (shugo chara), lelouch over suzaku(code geass), ect...

is it me or is it that mostly the good-looking 'prince' or so what the shojo manga lead character calls him...
always or mostly have family problems or something related to the guy having problems in the past?

well, i'm the type that prefers the badass of the story. the one that skips schools and ain't the most polite person.
the one that everyone is scared of and avoids. the guy pretty much everyone hates except for that one girl.

certain delinquents are truly the antagonist and bad guy but it's guaranteed that the bad guy would be good or something like that.
i'd like it if for once if the guy is really down-to-earth and all.

so...the main question is... who prefers the 'prince' and who prefers the delinquent/badass yet good guy?
please be open-minded and speak your mind.

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Posted 10/17/09 , edited 10/17/09
VS threads like this are better off in the poll section. That way, you'd accurately know how many users like the princes and delinquents.

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