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Girls who Play Defense of the Ancients or Computer Games
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Posted 10/8/10 , edited 10/9/10
i know someone who does.. she's my bestfriend.. imba mag dota.. pero mas imba mag blackshot (fps game).. ayun.. i tried her once.. and unfortunately.. talo ako in both games.. and hell she's cute..
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26 / bOx
Posted 10/18/10 , edited 10/18/10
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25 / M / Philippines
Posted 10/21/10 , edited 10/22/10
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24 / M / at the corner
Posted 10/25/10 , edited 10/25/10
pinay gamer = cute ^^v
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Posted 10/29/10 , edited 10/29/10
its cool if they dont use the "dota language" everday, now thts annoying.
stuff like "IMBA", FIRST BLOOOOOODD! its smewht dumb.
Posted 11/3/10 , edited 11/3/10
No! It's not weird. Its great Friends that do not play that would say to you 'wow ang galing mo naman! Weh? Di; nga nagdodota ka?' And sometimes I find it Funny when they reacted like that when I told them i do play it. I play DoTA allstars xD v6.69b xDDDDD
Posted 11/11/10 , edited 11/11/10

thuglife0650 wrote:

MiYoKo_KaTo wrote:

thuglife0650 wrote:

girls who play dota= AWESOME!!!

awww... hahha.....

its true x] more of u girls should play, even other things like tekken or mw2! :D

bwahahaha, ows tlga?.....I love tekken, nakikipag challenge nga skin ung mga guy classmates ko eh..hahaha...
Posted 11/11/10 , edited 11/11/10
I used to play online games till morning...kaya yun laging grounded! ahahaha...

I play:
Soul Calibur
Naruto: Clash of the Ninja
Band Master
Counter Strike
Final Fantasy 7
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118 / F / MISSFIT-
Posted 11/27/10 , edited 11/27/10
Yung Pinsan Ko May Dota Sa Laptop Nya.Tapos Pinasubok Nya Ako Nung DOTA *Booms* Adik Na Sa Dota xD
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 12/7/10 , edited 12/7/10

splintr wrote:

It's not weird for them to play. In fact, It adds to they're cute factor.

tama..ang cool nga nila..kung baga kaya din nilang laruin ung games na pang lalake
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30 / M / San juan, Daranga...
Posted 12/10/10 , edited 12/10/10
It turns them into this hot gaming chick
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27 / F
Posted 12/11/10 , edited 12/11/10
yes! i actually love playing computer games but thankfully, i don't get too addicted.
i like left4dead, rappelz, atlantica online ecetera
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27 / M / Philippines
Posted 12/13/10 , edited 12/13/10
Girls playing video games can be describe in one word.. AWESOME.. At least it doesn't make video games sexist or anything.. I love it when I see girls play DoTA or the likes, it gives me more reason to try and play it, if the girls play it why won't I? right? hahaha. I really find it amusing when I see them play this games associated with boys, at least when it comes to games there is no gender specific thingy.. everybody can play.. :D

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27 / M / In your head.
Posted 12/27/10 , edited 12/28/10
I know quite a lot..

Its cool when you play with them..for example when you play DotA or L4D or Call of Duty.. when you suddenly pop out and kill them..They makes such cute sound and it makes me lol for all eternity..
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24 / F / Philippines
Posted 1/2/11 , edited 1/2/11

Azileign wrote:

Online games with cute graphics...

Rose online North America
Perfect World Philippines (Hibernating for now...)
Sims (hahahahah )

I've tried other games but they only lasted a week in my PC
Pi Story
(Forgot some...)

I play online games with cute graphics, too....*thumbs up Azileign *
but I only play...
rose online ( not much)
highstreet 5 ( not much)
Luna Online ( not much)
Grand Chase
Sims2 -not online but...oh well...ahaha-

I've tried cabal but it was really boring....
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