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Posted 10/17/09 , edited 10/17/09
Hellow I am the Creator of This Group ^^
And I want just to know, who you are. Just tell something about you ok ? :)
well I will introduce myself first

Name: Asia
Old: 19
Living: Switzerland
Nationality: Filipino
Hobbies: To make website, graphics, designs, and to draw
Fav Anime: Erementar Gerad, Full moon, Girls Bravo, Chobits, and more...
Likes: Talented people, friendly people,
Dislikes: Copy cats

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Posted 12/19/09 , edited 12/19/09
Name: Kasia
Old: 17
Living: Poland
Hobbies: watching anime, sleeping and drawing
Fav Anime: Dragon Ball , Naruto Shippuuden , Bleach , Schugo Chara and more ...
Likes: S L E E P I N G
Dislikes: Rude people
Posted 12/25/09 , edited 12/25/09
Konnichiwa minna-sama o^^o
Here are some facts about mii ;3

Name: Suriyu
Old: 14
Living: Denmark
Nationality: Thai
Hobbies: watch anime, read manga, photoshopping, chat, listen to j-pop music, draw/paint
Fav Anime: Kuroshitsuji, Clannad, AIR TV, Shugo Chara, 07-Ghost
Likes: to eat, to draw/paint, listen to j-pop, to photoshopping, crunchyroll
Dislikes: ghost, darkness, mice, snails, copy-cats, be scolded by someone, left alone...
Posted 1/10/10 , edited 1/10/10
Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Aymie =D

Name: Aymie
Old: 13
Living: Washington
Nationality: Asian
Hobbies: sleep
Fav Anime: Everything "p
Likes: everything

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Posted 1/13/10 , edited 1/13/10
Name: Jada
Old: 13
Living: New Jersey
Nationality: african american
Hobbies: basketball, drawing, singing
Fav Anime: lots of animes
Likes: most of my hobbies
Posted 3/24/10 , edited 3/24/10
Name: Siana
Old: 14
Living: France
Nationality: French
Hobbies: Play comp, draw, read, play piano, try to make grapics/aviis/banners...
Fav Anime:
Vampire Knight, Shugo Chara, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Gakuen Alice, Ouran high School HostClub, The gentleman's Alliance Cross, Special A, and more!
Likes: Friendly ppl, piano, music, amazing drawin or graphics...
Dislikes: Stealers, lies, rude ppl, ghosts...

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