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Posted 10/17/09 , edited 10/17/09
hey, well basically on crunchyroll they havent seemed to upload eps 107 to 124,
If you have found them elsewhere which were your faves and what part?

for me it was ep 111, so far, where yamamoto is falling and gokudera shouts and trys to grab his hand =']
i loved it, it showed gokudera does really care, enough to almost lose his arm over! =] x
Gokudera && Uri's teamwork ='] makes me so happy =] i love them both! x
what are your faves eps and what happend in it that you loved most?? x
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Posted 10/26/09 , edited 10/26/09
I'm not sure what happened with the episodes. It was like that when I joined the site.
My favorite episode... I guess it was ep 123 (the main part of Yamamoto and Genkishi's fight). They did a really good job on the animation; the fight was awesome.
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Posted 10/28/09 , edited 10/28/09
Usually subscribed anime members get 4 "new" library episodes every Wednesday (or occasionally Friday). Last week we should have gotten 108-111, but got nothing. Hopefully they'll be nice enough to make it up to us tonight.
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