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Posted 11/24/09 , edited 11/25/09
She see's Eugene's qualities as showing off as Mustafa's "Spirit", it's interesting because it's just a metaphor of how Kajika see's similar qualities and making that connection. Sort of like "in the spirit of" sort of thing. It just shows how Kajika likes to think the way she does and how she draws in the key players in the show.
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Posted 3/5/10 , edited 3/6/10

kyrissanean wrote:

Hito wrote:

possession more so than reincarnation. I do hate it when people mess up their undead mythological lore. The theory here is that when the kitty died its spirit remained on earth due to Kajika and so found a similar spirit and bound itself to that spirit, the young eugene. And now its just them having their souls fuse together.

once again, this is not 'reincarnation' but 'possession'

...the reason I said reincarnation was because I would have sworn that in the anime they were saying reincarnation... I think I would like to agree with you on the fact that the spirit of Mustafa possessed the body of Eugene. That makes SOOOO much more sense...because two souls cannot inhabit one body - eventually one pushes out the other and takes over.

I believe the idea behind Kajika calling Eugene Mustafa is not because Mustafa was reincarnated as Eugene. Mustafa's Soul was binded by Kajika's need for it to be close to her thus Mustafa did possess Eugene. I don't think she mean Mustafa was never reincarnated since it never left earth to the netherworld. So yes Eugene was possessed by Mustafa's spirits. And in the Anime they didn't use the word "incarnation" but the word "possessed" .. just so its clear.
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Posted 7/10/10 , edited 7/11/10

ShiverGirl wrote:

Suzaku-no-Namae wrote:

Well, I do believe in reincarnation, but what's here...

Maybe it's not reincarnation or even possession.
My opinion is that, Kajika just missed her old friend and really wanted him back
so when she saw someone that happened to look like the human-version of Mustafa, she deluded herself. I prefer calling that delusion haha.

Eugene IS Eugene from the very beginning and IS himself up until now.

It's just that Harry knew how to impress his daughter!!!

Seriuosly I think that is wrong.....I mean Kajika is a smart girl she isn't deluded or anything and watching the series what you just said made
no offense..... but that might be true...

Make life easy...I'm reviving this thread. There's 2 ways to look at it, believe it or don't believe it. Then once you choose your side you discuss further, don't try to take both sides and argue against everyone who believes the opposite of your opinion. Myth or non-mythical. It's all common sense. Myth's aren't that mysterious.

Kajika is smart, but remember she is only 14/15. She grew up on an island with her caretaker, Maria. Of course you'd listen to an adult or someone with higher authority. And of course you'd carry your beliefs with you throughout life till you no longer feel the need to hold onto them. Kajika still feels strong that the myth/belief exists. That's her point of view, regardless, everyone around her does not believe it, so it doesn't matter how reincarnation works in this case. Plus, try to imagine what the author of the story/script was thinking. "One of 3/4 husbands should be a childhood friend. Another should be someone who resembles something Kajika loves. The next shall be someone exotic/unique/fantasy like, and the last future husband shall be an enemy." If you look it at like that, the whole Eugune = Mustafa is just another trivial matter.
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