The New Vid Ads
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Posted 10/18/09
I seriously dislike the video adds that are played in the live streams of my anime.

I pay crunchy roll for these streams right, that means that what I am paying is sufficient to cover any licensing and video owners should be happy to let me watch? Should I suffer through an ad I don't want to watch?

I don't think so. I suppose I can do nothing but grit my teeth and threaten to throw my monitor to the other side of the room, but that would cost more than complaining in the forums.

You know maybe it is legitimate to force non-paying viewers to watch those $***ty ads, but please take all of us paying streamers off that forced to watch list.

If you agree with me, please post. Us paying customers need to be heard.
Kiki's Customer Support Service
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Posted 10/18/09 , edited 10/18/09
No matter how much you complain nothing is going to change. Those are paid advertisment. I highly doubt C.R will take them down just because of your whining. You see ads on buses, played on radios, and played every 5 minutes on t.v. Suck it up. It's only for a few seconds.
But like I said, I highly doubt anything will happen.. No one likes ads, but take a look around you. It's filled everywhere you go. I don't see what the big deal of c.r having it as well.
Anyway, personal rant thread. If you want, you can try complaining to one of the admins. Maybe they'll hear you out.

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