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27 / M / Saudi Arabia
Posted 11/25/11
Selamat pagi i'm studying in malaysia and i've got to say, shemale prostitution and occasional racism aside, Malaysia is awesome!
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21 / M / Somewhat in Asia.
Posted 11/27/11
I WANT UNIFI FIBRE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 1/10/12
I LOVE LEE CHONG WEI! He is an amazing person.
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21 / F
Posted 1/16/12
Oh, I LOVE Malaysia! I'm one myself. I've been living overseas for a long time and I miss going back there (even though I just did like a month ago, I still miss it. :3)
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37 / M
Posted 2/13/12
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27 / M / Malaysia
Posted 2/14/12

Darc_Albel wrote:

Selamat pagi i'm studying in malaysia and i've got to say, shemale prostitution and occasional racism aside, Malaysia is awesome! :D

LMAO! hahaha,so effin' true. Sad but true.
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20 / F
Posted 2/19/12
My dad is Malaysian so I'm half Malaysian. I've only been to Malaysia once and it was a very long time ago so I don't really remember much. I just remember that it was really hot all the time and I had no air conditioning.
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21 / F / Malaysia
Posted 6/10/12
Malaysia... I'm kinda speechless lol
And yea it's VERY hot.
Posted 7/5/12

titanicboy wrote:

makimaki_sataandagi wrote:

shizukiki wrote:

makimaki_sataandagi wrote:

spiderwick20 wrote:

japn3s3 wrote:

What do you think about Malaysia or Malaysian? Give your opinion about that country. Thanx for sharing with us :)

Well.. my openion! the population.. sucks!
Deal with it.. Muslims suck!

Learn to spell.

Malaysia..tsk tsk tsk
The pros:
A beautiful country, with plenty of resources,
awesome variety of dishes,
cheap if you've not been to Thailand,
its easy to get a car
Most people can afford a landed property,
rich in culture

The cons:
corruption, rubbish government,
no freedom of speech,
ridiculous national service which serves no purpose,
racial discrimination, anti westerners,
high crime rate,
bad jams/lack of public transportation, terrible signboards, unsystematic roads,
terrible internet connection,
weak currency,
taxis that don't use their meters,
stupidity of a certain race which has doomed the chance of any improvement in the country,
produces 'astronauts' that 'spacecraft-poo' other country's advancements because it itself lacks the intelligence or ability to produce any prominent candidates/technology and despite such humiliation is has brought upon itself, it still finds pride in it.
a prime minister who's a murderer

To sum it up, Malaysia, would be a wonderful place if it weren't for ignorance and corruption, a complete joke.

i think yourself is a malaysian..
too much information given..

So what, I should lie about oh how great is because it really isn't. I honestly don't want people wasting their money to see a country that doesn't appreciate its people. Yes it'll help the economy but I think its about time that someone taught our fellow politicians, to serve the people. Come on, take Singapore for instance, we helped them gain independence, we were under the same reign ( the British). Why is it then that they are far more head than us? Because they acknowledge every citizen. Because there's something called equality, because instead of making enemies, they have good relationships with plenty of countries. they learn from other countries. If I were to travel to any country aside from SEA countries, I would need a VISA, Singaporeans don't why? because they are acknowledged globally, and they took how many years exactly?

When the quota system was introduced, its purpose was to bring up the Malay community especially among the rural areas so that they have a stand in the economy, dominant part over it which is about.. 30%, I don't remember, Razak gave them 30 years, and its already the what 10th or more Malaysian plan, and they've only reached about 19%... Honestly, if you can't improve yourselves, don't drag the whole country down with you.

I don't wan to make a chaos here ,
but i know you are from Indonesia that are stay in Malaysia or whatever ,
Malaysia gain independence not from British ,
Indonesia is only suck worker that are very and the most cheap to be our MAID!
Malaysia is rich in culture,
Malaysia is rich with clever and smart students that go to UK,US, and other country.
Indonesia? nothing?
Singapore? only small country that can be destroy by a nuclear...its very easy..
So you don't need to arrogant , because Malaysia soon will have new nuclear
I don't wan to make a war here , but i just telling the truth

You do not want to make a CHAOS but the way you deliver your Opinion is bLunt and reDicuLe. Clearly your not happy the way he is threading but you can depend your country Malaysia in a way you will not get down tO a mentality like that. The way he pOsted his statement readers knOws that he has an issue toWards Malaysia where in he experienced it maybe at first hand and we can not do about it. Except make it clear that Malaysia and Malaysian are not entireLy how he defines it. Other country and every coUntry have issues and imperfection but we people or as an individual do not scrutinize and single out each one's mistake. Certainly Not the answer and NOT the method of finding the answer.

My Mum she's a Malaysian and she trully is a symbol of how Malaysian works. Everytime we visit our extended family in some part of Malaysia not only Kuala Lumpur for MALAYSIA is not ONLY KL. MALAYSIA is a diverse country with multiple nationalities and heritage living as one that is why they have the logo: ONE MALAYSIA. It is hot due to it is near the equator but compare to Brunei it is much more cooler.

SingapOre is a small country and can be destroyed by a nuclear. You might be true however the strength of a country is not measured by arms and ammunition alone. Have you heard the phrase, The pen is mightier than the swOrd? It's true, through diplomacy and economic bargaining we have the capability of having a nuclear power through our allies. Lastly, you can destroy the country but not the people. Singapore is small but we know and aware of that every Singaporean does that is why we are what we are now and put to point every Singaporean will be ready if there is war it is in us
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