Mystical Community Characters: Final Edition
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Since not that many people seem to enjoy MC Wiki, we might as well put as many character profiles here. So please put entries in for your characters. Thank you. I've put a format that I took from "Story of Vance" with some minor tweaks. Note: if the yellow options don't apply to the character, do not put it in.

Creator: [cruncyroll username of character's creator]
Writer: [Crunchyroll username of writer of character's entry if not done by the creator]
Character Name: [name of character]
[Character Picture]
Nickname/Title: [nickname(s) and/or title(s)]
Race: [dominant race]
Class (Race): [type of class for that race]
Class (Level): [class depends on the character's threat Level. if he is God-like in all manner, he is class SS; if he is a common criminal or novice, he is class E... Classes from high to low: Class XX, X, SS, S, AS, AA, A, B, C, D, E, F]
Occupation: [job]
Weapon: [list of weapon(s)]
Abilities: [character's abilities and skills]
Spells: [character's known magic]
Strength(s) & Weakness(es): [personal strengths and weaknesses]
Character Information: [character history and other possible useful information]
Synopsis: [what character has done throughout the storyline; look below for list of arcs]
Behind the Scenes: [any trivia or other information]

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Creator: dmitrivalentine
Character Name: Barrel

Nickname/Title: Lord Valentine de Invidia
Race: Angel
Class (Race): Sinner
Class (Level): S
Occupation: Sinner of Envy, president of the Valentine Organization, scientist
-Envious Scythe (scythe)
-Azure Nine (set of nine blue swords)
-Jelly Sea (joke weapon)
-Power of Envy (allows user to copy another's ability or technique)
-Fatal Attraction (creates deadly artificial gravity)
-Art of Frozen Sand (art to manipulate ice and sand)
-Absolute Zero (freezes time around user. a Desperation move*)
-Barrier (creates a simple barrier)
Strength(s) & Weakness(es): Valentine tends to not use his real body when attacking, rather using Frozen Sand replicas. However, if the Blood Ruby, a medium used to control Frozen Sand replicas from long distances, is destroyed, Valentine must either go to the battle to continue his control of the Frozen Sand or lose control
Character Information: Valentine was originally Barrel, an angel from Elder God Rosaline's private unit: the Thorns. Barrel was the twin brother of Akirael (Kira). Barrel befriended Azazel (Draethius) and Nathaniel, and later obtained the assistant Yusel (N.V.). He served with Thorns and aided in the defeat of the rogue Egrigori at the Battle of Swawns where Azazel-now-Draethius was banished to the Death Dimension and Nathaniel was killed trying to protect Elder God Eon. Barrel later became the Sinner of Envy for SALIGIA and changed his name to Valentine de Invidia
-Egrigori arc-
When Egrigori had returned from the EM-DE, they were changed. Fearing that they might spark a coup, the Elder Gods banished Egrigori from Atlantis, including Azazel. The vengeful Egrigori then laid war against Atlantis. 'Thorns', a unit Barrel had been apart of, engaged Egrigori in battle. At the end, Barrel and Elder God Luke banished Azazel, who was now calling himself Demon Lord Draethius, to the Death Dimension.
After the Battle of Swawns, Luke organizes SALIGIA. The surviving 'Thorns' memebers, along with Egrigori's Shamsiel. Barrel then takes on the name Valentine de Invidia and becomes the Sinner of Envy.

-HyBreed arc-
Valentine creates the first of the artificial Kim-un-Kurs: Solomon Gregorovitch. Valentine guises himself as an orphan boy named Valentino in order to befriend and manipulate Solomon. When Solomon creates HyBreed and launches an attack, Valentino joins the other side in order to throw off Solomon. It works when Solomon thinks he kills Valentino.
Later, when Solomon is being burned at the stake, Solomon spots Valentino/Valentine in the crowd.

-Great God War arc-
In retrospecs, Valentine is the cause of The Great God War. After secretly meeting with some Elder Gods at the Cathedral of Serenity in Faralda, Tenkai Hyachi and others end up fighting the Elder Gods. Angry at the tragedy, Elder God Izen, one of the Elder Gods Valentine had been meeting with, begins The Great God War.
Later, Valentine makes a small appearance in "Tenkai and Dmitri's Past: Hybrid Crusade" when Ashley de Superbia forces him to reveal the location of the Kim-un-Kurs to Izen and Darmadia.

-Dawn of a New Age-
Valentine uses the Power of Envy on Noe Cross in order to get Noe to begin the Noe Conspiracy. Valentine and Kira's-at the time guised as The Twins- plan fails when Noe and Vode con Len's coup d'etat fails. Kira and Valentine later spot Tenkai killing Noe.

-Revive Revival arc-
Valentine's first 'official' appearance is in "Bingo Book - The Four Horsemen". He encounters Drakov, whose army had been slaughtered by Valentine's forces and Ashley. When Valentine tells Drakov his plan, Drakov attacks Valentine. Sirberius Reono gets a glimpse of Valentine killing Drakov.
In his dying breath, Drakov has Manuel warn the Mystic Council. Kira and Valentine split up to find Manuel. Kira finds Manuel and kills him; Kira tries to fake his own death but it is later revealed that Valentine saw through it. After Kira's fake death, Valentine bumps into Sirberius. Valentine joins Sirberius in his search for Okuram. Once Sirberius finds Okuram and defeats him, Valentine sets up a trap and attempts to gain some 'data'. Valentine is defeated by Sirberius but his life is spared.

Valentine is manipulating all the strings in the SALIGIA Incident. He had planned on using the Mystic Council to kill all the other SALIGIA Sinners except Ashley. Since he didn't want Ashley to become suspicious, Valentine sends out an assassin to go after Ashley whom Ashley could easily defeat.
Valentine sent out Wrath to bring Tenkai to the Castle in the Sky, Valentine's fortress, but Tenkai thinks Wrath is an enemy and kills him. Tenkai goes to the Castle in the Sky where he battle Valentine. It ends with a draw and leaves Valentine weak. Valentine gives Tenkai the Sapphire Lodis, the twin artifact of Sirberius' Ruby Lodis.
When Phaethon arrives at Shadow Imperia when the Council members regroup, a Frozen Sand replica of Valentine attacks him. Phaethon is revealed to be Tiolee Cross and gets killed by the Valentine replica. Valentine informs Kira, who is hiding in the shadows, that he saw through Kira's charade.
After the SALIGIA Incident, Sirberius offers Valentine a post in the Mystic Council which Valentine accepts. At the end, N.V. reveals to Valentine her feelings for him.

-Key 4 arc-
Valentine informs the Council that Azriel is hiding out at The Gourd and is using his Power of Wrath to cause chaos in the Mystic Realm. He and N.V. lead the Council and a couple others to Mirage Island where The Gourd is located. Valentine and N.V. take on Tsae to allow the others to proceed ahead. The duo later meet up with everyone after killing Tsae. Valentine fights Damien to led them pass again; Damien later escapes.
Kira encounters Valentine and the group later on on the beach. Kira mocks Valentine, showing that he killed Azriel and he is the new Sinner of Wrath.

-The Chase arc-
The Chase arc With Sirberius gone, the Council is in chaos. Valentine does all he can to help Aeris Nightstriker keep the Council intact. Valentine shows Rubi Delacoure a file from the Wave Project, Valentine' s mysterious project. The files suggests that Dante may have been a boy named Daniel whom Kurasawa Cross kidnapped for his own gain.
Valentine goes on a small trip to find Kira. When he does, he discovers Sirberius and Tenkai, with Kira's help, fighting the Kim-un-Kur Committee. Valentine helps Kira kill Elder God Amen and defeat Elder God Hallelujah. The two then go there seperate ways. Valentine tries to persuade Sirberius to come back but Sirberius refuses. Sirberius and Tenkai leave and haven't been seen since.
Valentine is later in a Council meeting when Ashley shows up.

-Fate of the Unknown arc-
Valentine goes with the group to stop the Remnants of Atlantis' invasion of Lemures. From Ashley's report, he discovers Ukel is among the Remnants of Atlantis and tells Ashley to not fight Ukel. Valentine meets up with Ukel and the two converse. At the end, Valentine kills Ukel. Kira comes and attacks Valentine. After being stabbed and stating the two brothers shouldn't exist, Valentine activates Absolute Zero to freeze both of them in time.

Behind the Scenes: Valentine de Invidia was the first main character for dmitrivalentine, with Dr. Dmitri Valenti being his later.
Like the rest of the Sinners from SALIGIA, Valentine has a sin-based theme, in his case "envy". Invidia is actually Latin for "envy".

*A Desperation move is a special move only to be used as a last resort; the most basic Desperation technique is self-destruction
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lol, didnt I already make a character info?
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For the anime
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Tbt, This should be only for those characters we don't have a character wiki article for... and also, this will be like our 4th char. info thread, not inclu. the one for the anime.
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