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The International Anime Subcultural Online Community
Posted 10/25/09 , edited 10/25/09

Yei wrote:

DomFortress wrote:

It's because I want my future children to share my interest in anime, that I'm now looking so deeply into today's anime subculture. Just who are interested in today's anime subculture? What's affecting today's anime subculture mediums? How will all these play out in the future of anime subculture?

Perhaps you don't have the same future prospect such as I do for myself. But if you think everything I do here is to bash Japan, that's your personal hatred towards my person, that distorted my comments with your ignorance and intolerance. Which is not my problem, quite honestly.

This topic is about what you think of some internet blogs and anonymous comments made by posters, and your in-depth analysis of the "online community" they somehow represent.

From the beginning I thought it was ridiculous to be upset over a blog and some anonymous comments people made on the internet, and much more ridiculous to come up with the odd analysis you came up with for the "International Anime Subcultural Online Community" just from this one blog.

And since throughout this entire time you still haven't cleared up any of the ridiculousness of the topic that I've been asking about, I don't see the point in continuing either.

Are they not the most outspoken voice of the international anime subculture community both inside and outside of Japan? Are their preferences in anime subculture not affecting today's anime mediums? Will they not dictate the future of anime subculture being who they are?

Or do you still think who they are, what are they into, and what their future will be like are just as ridiculous as these, these, and these.
Posted 10/25/09 , edited 10/26/09

but i like all of those anmie geners
Posted 10/25/09 , edited 10/26/09

There are ways that you can represent those genres more tastefully, sensibly(well, somewhat), as well as sensitively(I'm sorry, I tried. But I just can't relate sensitively to polygamy). But that's not what 2chans, 4chans, nor Sankaku Complex are about, are they now?
Posted 10/25/09 , edited 10/26/09

no not really on the harem scale that is just a loser guy who happens to get lucky with a bunch gilrs not sex mind you but they like him but that never happens in real life or i have never heard about it on a side note love hina and Zero the Famalir are two animes that i have just recently supported and bought dvds for really good series as well
Posted 10/26/09 , edited 10/27/09
Good thing I live somewhere that won't incarcerate me for owning a copy of an eroge game such a Fate / stay night. Artwork is one thing and reality is another completely. People would do well to remember that fact. Just my two cents.
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