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Post Reply Do Naruto haters bother you?
Posted 3/1/14
No not normally. Every person has a right to their own opinion, but when its the same person repeatedly hating on it and making a big fuss out of it, it gets irritating after awhile.
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19 / F / iowa
Posted 3/3/14
if you hate something you shouldn't waste all your time and energy complaining about it just ignore it you don't have to watch it
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20 / F / Somewhere
Posted 3/8/14
Not really, they have a reason if they watched the dub though. It's pretty horrible xD
Posted 3/26/14
Everyone has their own opinions so I don't mind but I don't really understand how people can hate 'Naruto'?
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19 / M / Rainbow Island
Posted 6/16/14
Nope, I am used to it. I have been a Miami heat fan for quite some time now so Naruto hate doesn't even tingle me.
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