Bingo Book: Carpe Mundal
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Posted 10/25/09 , edited 10/26/09
After The Great God War, warlords struggled for powers. After twenty years, the strongest warlords were given the titles of High Lord. When the Mystic Council was formed, some High Lords struggled to keep their control over their territory. As ordered by the Elder Gods, the Mystic Council has been tasked to eliminated the High Lords not submitting to the Mystic Council's rule. For this Bingo Book, the targets must either be killed, arrested, or forced to submit. Note: the accused crimes are false, only a way to let the Mystic Council members to go after the High Lords without suffering punishment.

Jūbei Hyachi
-Vahashi (Elemental Lord; elementalist community leader)
-brother of Tenkai Hyachi and son of Ryu Hyachi
-Accused crime: "Providing sanctuary to a war criminal named Samuel Summers" (actually Tenkai)

Magnus Nightstriker
-Headmaster of Chronos Academy
-father of Aeris "Youichi" Nightstriker
-Accused crime: "Training rebels"

Fortuna d'Vine
-leader of an apocalyptic cult
-Accused crime: "collaboration with the Fallen Order"

-Nobody of angel A'Ciel
-leader of a group of rogue angels and gods
-Accused crime: "plot to conspire against Atlantis"

Riruko "Risa" Kagehiko
-rogue vampirian noble
-Accused crime (which turns out to later be true): "conspiracy against the Mystic Council"
- (Risa can be fought and defeated but cannot be killed or arrested)

Jicobo Rumelian Stark

- head of the Stark Faction
-father of Fallan
-Accused crime (also true): illegal poaching of hybrids

Descritis Wolfe
-leader of the Wolfe Faction
-Accused crime: "attempted assassination of Zevon Lamia, nobleman from the Lamia Faction"

Fleur Winterfreeze
-president of Andrea Corporation
-Accused crime: "swindled money from Mystic Council treasury"
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