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Good Places to Eat in Hong Kong?
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21 / england
Posted 4/21/12
simple round side food are also amazing, but from what i can remember from when i was younger, almost everywhere in HK has great tasty food!!
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23 / M / Dresden
Posted 10/26/12
i guess sai kung is always nice for fish and seafood.
for noodle soup i would go to a restaurant in one of the alleys given you have a local/chinese guy with you. otherwise the restaurants in the alleys rip you off(english menu has different pricing than chinese menu=P) or youre not able to read the menu at all.
cafe de coral is nice if you dont want to look for something because theyre located nearly everywhere.
for dim sum you can go nearly everywhere as my experience shows. but try to go during "tea time"(around 3-5pm if i remember correctly).
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 3/25/13
Closed due to inactivity. OP was from 2009!
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