Roleplay 2: Lost Century *currently inactive*
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Name: Lost Century
Status: -*inactive*- This roleplay is currently inactive
Description: None
Members: -chibi_yuki-
Moderator: None

Roleplay 2 is currently inactive. To active and moderate this roleplay please either PM the Creator or fill in the 'Moderator Sign Up' topic on the forum here:

*-under moderation-*

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I hid out of sight behind a tree. I didn't want to get caught as the dark dragon keeper by any guards. Kurai would probably get locked up. I checked to see if anyone was following me, and seeing no one, began to call my dragon. With a sharp gust of wind, Kurai landed in front of me. He stretched out his wings and bent down so I could pat his head, though the rustling of leaves distracted me.
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