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Posted 12/14/09 , edited 12/14/09
is that really necasary? im not that bad a person....
Posted 12/14/09 , edited 12/14/09
not you! *cyril grunts* i meant that massive demon behind you! *points dramaticaly at the massive beast*
Posted 12/28/09 , edited 12/29/09
mizuki looked at the demon
Posted 12/29/09 , edited 12/29/09
*the demon is a massive centipede and has a hude drooling mouth. it roars at the surrounding beings and instantly jumps to attack mizuki*

*Cyril ducks away andpulls out her daggers and readies herself* look out for it's poison spit!
Posted 12/29/09 , edited 12/30/09
mizuki moves out of the way and jumps at it and kicked it
Posted 1/3/10 , edited 1/4/10
*Angered by this the demon attacks randomly and strikes the ground near Sorano and Kazuki. Seeing it's back turned Cyril stabbs near its tail but gets flung away into a tree.* ouch... that hurts...
Posted 1/3/10 , edited 1/4/10
mizuki stood there watching
wondering what to do
Posted 1/4/10 , edited 1/5/10
*Kazuki moves away in time to get both him and sorano away from the iminate danger.*
What the heck did you do? this thing is enraged!
*he then turns to Mizuki*
stop standing around. do that and your are bound to die!
Posted 1/4/10 , edited 1/5/10
mizuki jumps up to a tree, and fired at the demon
Posted 1/5/10 , edited 1/6/10
*Cyril seening everyone fighting and realized something curious. she didn't have to continue fighting. they had it under control. and with that thought in her head she ducked away and dashed off. once out of range she took some deep breaths and looked back.* ha! stupid incect! finaly your treasure is mine. *she unwravels a wraped object to reveal a large ruby.* this will be worth quite a bit...

*The moster is getting slower and it aims up and fires poison spit at mizuki in rage.*
Posted 1/5/10 , edited 1/6/10
*looks back after not getting a reply from Cyril and notices she's gone*
THAT BRAT! she botled!
*doges a random strike from the monster and pulls out his staff hidden by the tree. he readies himself for another attack.*
Mizuki, would you get that kid. she obviously is guilty for this thing going crazy...
Posted 1/5/10 , edited 1/6/10
mizuki went looking for her
Posted 1/6/10 , edited 1/6/10
*Cyril looks back again and sees Mizuki swiftly she hides the jewel* oh hiya. how'd the fight go, i just ya know figured you'd all be okay without me. haha.. *laughs nevously*
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Posted 1/8/10 , edited 1/9/10
Hana: *walking around*
Posted 1/15/10 , edited 1/16/10
mizuki looked at her
what you hiding in your hand she asked
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