Hwanhee Hated to be a Part of SM Town
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Posted 10/27/09 , edited 10/30/09
HwanHee revealed he hated being part of SM Town. Because FTTS has this image of charismatic hiphop R&B singer, but when it comes to summer and winter when SM Town gathers, they have to act differently from their usual image with the younger singers in the company to do the cutesy concept.

But SNSD YoonA had said that it was her dream to be part of the SM Town during summer and winter when she debuted.

When being sabotaged by HwanHee, Brian insisted that he still thinks of LSM like his father. And then the Super Junior members were asked if there is anything they are unhappy about, the happy Lee Teuk answered, “Not even a bit. I love you, president”


i love super junior..^^
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Posted 10/27/09 , edited 10/28/09
I love Super Junior and DBSK.
I dont like SM at all.
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Posted 10/29/09 , edited 10/29/09
SM have great artists, but they need to take care of them better. I can understand why he hated to be apart of it.
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Posted 10/29/09 , edited 10/30/09
GO Hwanhee. SPeaking his mind. ROFL
I totally agree.
Not that fond of the cutesy thing when its over done. LOL
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